Readers, I missed a team in my previous posts about who could ruin the party for the top four: Mayhem. I should have known better than to miss out on mentioning them seeing as how I play with some of their squad.

It would be unfair to assume that Mayhem will not do well seeing as how they finished 3rd in Ontario and clearly have defeated many top teams in the past.  What bothers me is their consistency.  They’re a team where talent runs deep, helmed by one of the best cutters in the sports (the elder Mackie) Mayhem seems to suffer from a case of unfortunate drops at just the right times.

Regardless, for CUC 2009 I place the comfortably amongst the top 8 especially with added players (the younger Mackie) and the same fiery resolve that we’ve seen them play with for the past few seasons.

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