L on L – Day 2

I woke up pretty tight this morning, but I got a better sleep last night so I was ready and super-stoked. After a bit of a rain delay we got right into it with Psychoplastique. I played in the annual Ho-down tournament in Calgary and watched Psycho win it all, but I was actually not all that impressed by them. Not only that, the roster was really different. But this team placed 3rd last year so we could hardly take them lightly. It was quite a battle in the beginning, pretty much trading points. A few mistakes on both sides but neither team seemed to want to pull ahead. In the second half we began pulling away, and at one point Gabe put a throw out to Higy for the score. I was right on the sideline close to the action. Unfortunately the throw was a bit short and Higy’s man was in front of him, so he ran hard for the disc. He had the look of a homeless person given a bowl of soup. Just as he was about to grab it, Higy laid out from completely behind him, managed to get maybe his fingers around him, not even his whole hand, and he absolutely robbed him. “No soup for you!” It was an astonishing, astonishng grab. It was the kind of lay-out you see on D that would be pretty amazing, but on O, to come from behind like that and not only get a piece of it but to CATCH it. Amazing. I hope someone caught a picture of that one. In the end we played a solid game, not perfect, but enought o take the win 15-10.

Next up was Mayhem. The battles Liquid has had with Mayhem, wow, I can’t even get into it. It’s crazy. Luckily Liquid usually comes out on top nowadays. But today proved to be no different as Mayhem jumped out to a 4-2 lead. It could be that being familiar with us helps them, or it could be just a mental thing, but I can’t remember ever actually spanking Mayhem really good. Which is odd considering we have our sights set on the finals and more, and they are not in the top 8. The parity of mixed is quite entertaining. After the 4-2 start we battled all the way to half which I believe we took 8-7. I had some pretty bad throw-aways as usual, but Blue was all over my ass which was exactly what I needed to hear, so I began to reign it in. I’m not sure if it’s lack of tournament play or what, but my throws have been horrible, even at Invictus practices. In 2008 I had some money money games and throws, if I may say so, but now they are gone. So sticking with cutting I managed to sky Mackey a few times and pull in a few points. No throw aways tomorrow! Another too close for comfort game but we pulled it out 11-8 I think. 5-0 so far.

Then we had ONYX. I was not pleased with this game at all, and I don’t think anyone on Liquid was. We were not sharp in any areas. The bright side is that we were close to possibly winning despite that. It was an 11-6 final, but at 9-6 we had a couple chances to score and couldn’t convert which might’ve swung the momentum in our favour. We couldn’t pull it off and they scored so at 10-6 it was virtually over… and at 11-6 it was over for real. I was most displeased personally at getting beat four times by a very tall, semi-fast guy. I knew where he was going to go and I couldnt stop it. I think my effort was there, but I wasn’t there 100% mentally to be all over him. That has to change for tomorrow as well. Usually even if I am on a very tough mark I can corral him and read where he wants to go, and do everything in my power to shut him down, but against this guy it just didn’t happen today.

Crazy thing is our seed looks good thanks to that loss. We get Gecko first thing tomorrow morning. ONYX gets TFP right off the bat, in a re-match of the finals from last year. TFP has not looked great yet, but we all know they will be tough as nails tomorrow. Should be an intersting day. Two wins to the finals…..

Invictus had a less then stellar day, going 1-2. I watched them play vs General Strike and it was a very entertaining game. They were down 7-3 and then went on a run, including a callahan, and won 11-8. And they  may have needed that win just to stay in the top 8. They may have a tougher road to the finals then I thought, but I have faith in my Calgary boys.

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