Friday blues…

A few more hours of anticipation before a hot and humid weekend here in Southern Ontario.  Of course that could mean thunderstorms which could mean delays at London Calling (this weekend).

A few days ago I mentioned the possibility of a preview and while I can’t provide an in-depth analysis I can provide a few interesting tidbits.

This weekend I’ll be playing with “That’s What She Said”, a motley crew of independent players banding together under the flag of friendship and keeping fitness in prep for Nationals.  Indeed, most of us are heading to Nationals but it’s those that won’t that will be the stars of tomorrow.

Some of the players we’ll be playing with are new to Ultimate (a couple of years) but they’ve become excellent players due to athletic ability and these keen minds make tournaments worth playing.  A strong crew of veterans (including Andrew Higgins (Liquid), Steph Wong (Liquid), Lee Gonzalez (Too Bad), and Tawnya Jackson (PPF)) will provide the strong handling skills needed to compete in a safe and efficient manner.

We’ll also be joined by several University of Western Ontario, University of Guelph, and Mayhem players.  All in all it will be a talented group but will we gel?  We’re a veritable Venn Diagram of friends and there will be a mix on each line.  Ultimate will have to go back to the core and basics while we evaluate each other in preparation for the playoffs.

Who will we face?  As in you want some real content in this post?  Sick Mittz are number one seed going into the tournament and deservedly so being a strong touring team.  Smoke come in seeded fourth and are also a strong touring team from Peterborough that can be inconsistent against the right type of defense.  Perhaps the type of defense that Sick Mittz played against them at a Guelph tournament.  It will be interesting to see a rematch on day two between these top teams.

Banana Cream Pie (BCP) is a legendary team out of Toronto (they’ve won Gender Blender a few times) but they seem to have dropped out recently as some of their players are heading to Nationals and do not want to risk injury.  Or so they’d have you think!  Instead they’ve sneakily changed their name to “Monkey Jizz” (my fingers are tingling).

All in all the top four teams should provide adequate CUC warmup for all players involved.

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