CUC 2009: Thank you!

I need to thank quite a few people for assisting with our coverage of CUC 2009.  Hopefully TDs understand the need for live onsite coverage of scores as well as bloggers.

First and foremost I’d like to thank Rahil who really took charge of the commentating side of things and organized while I was busy wondering why we were having server issues.  On that note a big thanks to Steven Trainor for commentating and bringing on Mike.  Thanks to Lexi Marsh for also joining us in the booth for the last couple of games.

A big thanks to those that assisted with the live broadcast (thanks to Corey Draper of MODS), the control room and audio crew at the Canad Inns Stadium.  Thank you to MODS, the TD, and volunteers for running a great ship.

Thanks to the teams for playing as well as they did and giving us all something to write about.

Thank you to Jaleel, Jeff , Rahil, and Lenny for their Twitter posts and blog posts.

Thanks to those that supported us with their feedback, we’ll continue to offer all that we can and develop this site out further.

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