CUC 2009 Prep

Ahead of CUC there’s a few new bloggers around these parts.  Rahil has posted his viewing guide for day 1 and will be providing posts going forward.  Also returning will be Jaleel P who provided Twitter updates at Regionals and is likely able to do the same this week.

I’ve asked a few more friends whether they’d like to contribute and while they mull it over I’ll extend that invitation to the readers.  My goal has always been to get people excited about Ultimate and more involved.  If you’re heading to CUC and you think you can dedicate a few moments during the tournament to write about your experiences (good and bad games) then please contact me (

My expectations for the live stream are somewhat unknown at this time.  I hope to provide a good quality stream and much of that relies upon the connection that we’ll have.  I have a few commentators at this time that will be the voices of Sunday and am still looking for guest commentators that will provide more in-depth coverage of each particular game.  Please let me know if you’re interested or come find me at CUC.

Please let your friends know if you think they’d fill the roles listed above well.

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