Continuing bid…

Since I played on Too Bad this year, a team known for not practicing, I needed some way to keep in shape throughout the year.  In addition to practicing with a local Mixed team (The Company) a few times, playing league as many nights a week as I could, running track, and crossfit I also have attended a tournament every weekend for the last few months.

Surprisingly the running has not taken a toll on my knees but rather has made them stronger.  In a bid to maintain fitness through the fall in prep for the UPA series I plan to continue the series into the next few weekends.

Unfortunately the fall series is too busy and I run into conflicts between multiple tournaments on the same weekend.  The conflict I face is my local WODS league end of season hat tournament (I tolerate hat tournaments) and the Swingers Invitational Charity Ultimate Tournament (I enjoy charity tournaments).  Given the choices I have selected the WODS tournament as the one I shall attend.  What this means is that the charity tournament needs your support if you happen to live in the GTA.  If you’re a couple then it’s an excellent tournament to attend, if you’re single then it’s a great place to meet other singles.  So check out their website and see if you can register for a great time.

If you’re a part of the WODS summer league then I suggest you attend our tournament so you can watch me drop a pull just like I did on Tuesday night.

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