A viewers guide to Day 2 at CUC 09

Since day 2 matchups rely directly on results from day 1, I’m going to give an overview of matchups that can/should happen.

Day 2


Pool E – Fields 8,9,10

TFP vs. Chaos

Before TFP started it’s dynasty (4 CUC titles in 5 years). There was Chaos. Chaos won in Montreal and Ottawa (2003 and 1999) and made the finals in 3 years (2006, 2001 and 2000). It’s a good bet that one of these two teams if not both will meet at Bomber stadium on Sunday.


Quite possibly another finals preview. Rip has been building all season for a chance to prove itself against the defending champs from the west.

Gecko vs. RIP

Rip managed to pull out a 9-8 win at regionals. Gecko must be looking forward to this rematch, waiting all season for another shot at RIP.

Pool F – Fields 15, 16, 17

Onyx vs. Liquid

Liquid will be looking for revenge after a 10-8 loss at Mixed up in the finals 2 weeks ago. Healthier squads for both teams will lead to an entertaining game.

Liquid vs. Psychoplastique

Another extremely good matchup on day 2. Both teams will be fighting for the upper hand and to avoid TFP in the Semi’s.

Onyx vs. Monster

Monster is looking forward to this rematch almost as much as the rematch against Liquid. After losing 9-7 vs. Onyx at Comedy of Errors (with a smaller squad), it’ll be interesting to see if Monster can handle Onyx’s handler speed and breaking ability. Another interesting matchup will be with the women. We’ll see if Onyx’s women can use their height advantage over some of the Monster girls.

Monster vs. Meyham

Monster squeezed out a Universe point win in a “hotly contested” game at regionals over Meyham. Rumor has it Meyham has picked up a couple of stronger players and have a better team than that which showed up in Waterloo.


Pool E – Fields 1 and 2 (3:30 pm on)

The top 4 women’s teams continue their fight for position.

Lotus vs. Zephyr

Lotus will get a chance to see the #2 seed, Zephyr from BC. On paper they are slated to meet in the finals, we’ll see if this squad from BC can take on a hot Lotus squad with only 1 loss under it’s belt this year.

Lotus vs. Storm

Last year’s memories probably still leaves a bad taste in some of the girls on Lotus. Storm shocked them in the Semi’s to make the finals in Calgary. Lotus has handled Storm the two times they have played this year, but I’m sure Lorne has something special planned for Nationals.

Wild Rose/Stella vs. Storm

If Stella can get by Wild Rose on Thursday, they get another shot at Storm. After losing to Storm at the Boston Invite. They must be itching to prove the victory was a one-off win. On the other hand Wild Rose will be willing to show that they deserve to be seeded in the top 4 with a win over the #1 seed from Quebec.


Pool E – Fields 12, 13, 14

Invictus vs. Mephisto

Mephisto will be out to prove that they are the best team at CUC 09 in a Friday matchup that may be a preview of the Finals.

Invictus vs. General Strike

Led by Phenom Mark Lloyd, hometown heroes, General Strike will be looking to making an impression against Invictus

Pool F – Fields 15,16,17

Pheonix vs. Blackfish

An athletic Pheonix squad looks to take on Blackfish. Blackfish cracked the semi’s last year, finishing 4th. Pheonix right behind them in 5th.

Grand Trunk vs. Blackfish

Grand Trunk pulled off a universe point win over Blackfish last year, making the top 8. Can they find the magic again?

Grand Trunk vs. Too Bad

Grand Trunk looks for revenge from an early season loss to Too Bad on day 2 of Nationals. Can Too Bad’s band of pickups which include Greg Lang, Tushar and some ex-Zebra Muscle players gel over the 3 days to make a big splash at CUC 09?

Day 3

Day 3 sees the Quarters and Semi’s for the Mixed, Open and Women’s divisions. The Masters and Juniors divisions have finals on Saturday at 3:45 and 6 pm respectively.

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