A recap of day 2

It was an interesting day for Too Bad, our inconsistency definitely caught up with us.  We played three games and lost all three in what could be measured as relatively close terms.

Our first matchup of the day was against Phoenix and we made them work for their win.  We started out with two breaks and continued to hold our lead until half.  It was a game where we faltered at the end due to concentration but overall quite a bit of fun.  Phoenix definitely has a different flavour than last year.  I think a final score of 11-7 or closer.

The second game was a rematch against GT whom we defeated in Cleveland by a single point.  From the start GT held control of the game by picking apart our zone.  Finally the sideline kicked in and our zone started creating turns by GT was too far ahead for us to catch up.

The foibles early on seemed to replicate themselves for the game against Mangina, a must win game for us to advance.  Unfortunately we lost our composure and spotted them six points before breaking the bagel.  A half time pep talk worked and we started grinding down on them.  Unfortunately all was for naught and the final was 14-9.  Had we played just as hard throughout the game there’s no doubt that we would have won that game.

A disappointing day made more disappointing in the knowledge that due to field conditions and rain that Saturday games for bottom 8 were canceled (16 teams in each division).  However, over dinner rumours started to swirl that we’d play indoors on Saturday (for those bottom 8 teams).

I exchanged emails with Danny Saunders (Executive Director of CUPA) and he confirmed this as well as how hard it was to make the decision he did.  I did learn of his reasons to reschedule to a different location and empathize with him.

However, I’m not happy that the games are indoor.  CUC is an outdoor tournament and as such I believe that we need to play it outdoors in entirety.  I say this from the perspective of the team coming in as 9th to the final placement bracket.  We have an advantage in playing outdoors with larger fields and the ability to play in the wind.  I would prefer to retain that advantage.

I guess we’ll see what the day brings.

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