The pain…

My feet and knees have been screaming for the last few days as I’ve changed my running style in prep for Nationals and they’re adapting to new strains and pains.   I suspect they’ll be tested this weekend at No Borders and that’s really what this quick little post is about.

Trainor was kind enough to run it by OCUA and for those that don’t have access to a TV I will try and bring you the finals on Sunday live as much as I can.  I will be playing this weekend so whatever time I have away from playing will be dedicated to a live broadcast (weather permitting).

That said I would like to urge everybody that isn’t going and is in Ontario to tune into their local Rogers station for live coverage from the fields.  Quite a bit of work has gone into getting Rogers coverage and not only should you watch it but tell everybody that you meet in the next few days.  Getting the opportunity to show high level Ultimate to a large audience is rare and who knows when we’ll have our next chance.

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