What a weekend!  Jazzfest!  Tired!  Recap!

Enough with the exclamation marks I suppose.  If you’re looking for a recap of the tournament you may find it over at Steven’s blog.  As for this blog I’ll talk about my own personal experience.

This weekend I played with Medicare (captained by Matt Snow) and is based out of Waterloo Region but pulls in friends from everywhere.  In 2008 Medicare played in Detroit at MoTown (finishing top 8 ) as well as at Sectionals in Rochester (where we finished 3rd partially due to a short roster of 11).  In 2009 there are several more tournaments planned (including UPA Club Series) but Jazzfest was our first outing.

We started off seeded 8th and finished the weekend 5th after a few hard fought games.  Rather than a blow by blow (which would be rather boring to read) I’ll just recap our games.


GLUM, they dropped it a lot, we threw it away a bit more, we caused just a few more turns.  Medicare wins.

Mephisto, we threw it away a few more times than they did.  Felt like we could’ve won it.  Mephisto wins.

NADS, they had an eight player roster.  They were still a challenge.  Seb (of NADS) hucking it into the wind with pinpoint accuracy…amazing.  Medicare wins.

Medicare finished top two in pool which guarantees top eight on Sunday.

Crossover is A2 vs B2 against Big Science from areas between (and including) Boston and NYC.

Medicare takes the early lead but has problems on offense once again (not an issue of hard D by Big Science).  Ends up losing the crossover.  Net effect of game:  none that we can think of.


First game against GLUM, they warm up ahead of time.  We take an early break, they come back and cruise to a 15-9 victory (I think that’s what the score way).

Phoenix defeats Demon (I broadcast this game live, thanks to those that tuned in).  Medicare plays Demon and easily takes it.  Good bunch of guys to play against and overall a fun game.

Medicare wins last game by default to finish fifth.

Medicare has a bright future ahead and we look forward to UPA.  Medicare (with a slightly different roster as a few of us will have shifted to Too Bad in prep for Nationals) will be at No Borders as well as at the UPA Club Series.

A tiring weekend overall but I did get a chance to watch a few games.  One very surprising result was GLUM convincingly over Phoenix in the pre-finals.  The Phoenix boys live for laying out and play aggressive D that works well against teams that can’t throw with pinpoint accuracy.  Disc movement by GLUM was quick and fluid while Phoenix was looking for a huck game (we made the same mistake).

In Women’s Storm took out Qub in a match that was close till half (8-7 for Storm) before excellent hard defense led to turns followed by easy strikes left the Qub ladies blue (15-8).

PPF had a harder tournament with some ladies finding it harder to get started as well as filling the space left by Darcy Drummond (she was at Potlatch).  Unfortunately they lost two games in their pool on the first day and had to fight their way to win the 5th place finals.  Expect them to continue to grow and get stronger leading up to CUC.

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