Prairies Update

While Regionals for most regions are this weekend the Praries had their Regionals at Flatlands last weekend.

In case you didn’t spot it Mark Lloyd of General Strike posted this comment providing a recap of Open:

Prarie Regional Update: Tommy Douglas Dream Machine from Saskatoon stayed home earning the 3rd seed. General Strike and Mangina played for the first spot out of the praries. Mangina was down a few players which really showed as strike went up 6-1 early on and cruised to victory. I think the final was 17-8(9?). The two teams also met in the final on sunday of Flatland with General Strike winning that game 15-9. Despite the fairly large score difference a lot of points were highly contested. Mangina will be a good team at CUC especially when they get some guys they are missing back

More information was also provided by the Executive Director of MODS Corey Draper:


Strike beat Mangina in their CUC seeding game on the Saturday.

Strike went on to win the tournament and the $1500 cash prize.

Saskatoon did not attend the tourney and will be seeded 3rd in the Prairies as a result.


Fusion (WPG), Sirens (Regina) and Pandora (Saskatoon) battled over the 2 Prairie women’s bid.

The CUC Qualifier games were held on Saturday.

Fusion and Sirens each defeated Pandora.

Sirens squeaked out a win over Fusion to take the top seed.

A Winnipeg team made up of Chaos Women + Winnipeg and American P/ups won the tournament and the $500 cash prize.

Fusion did beat the Sirens in the semi final but Sirens will have the #1 seed for the Prairies.

Pandora has been eliminated from the CUC.

Flatland was held at “Winnipeg Ultimate Park” (WUP).

The CUC will use these fields as well as Maple Grove Rugby Park (same complex) for a total of 17 fields.

The only other info I can pass on is that MOFO (WPG JRS) defeated Swarm (Winnipeg Co-ed) in the Finals of the Open Rec division.

(There is no co-ed division at this tournament but most of the Open Rec teams play as co-ed teams)

Chaos split into Men’s and Women’s squads as mentioned for the weekend.

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