Live video?

There’s been quite a bit of interest with the live video that was broadcast from Jazzfest on the weekend.  I apologize as I wasn’t able to broadcast more and I will in the future.  So what’s the idea behind it?

It comes back to Paganello and the spirit of sharing that’s part of Ultimate culture.  I want more people to be able to watch Ultimate as well as understand what it is.  So many times I’ve been asked about whether it’s played with a dog and what it’s all about.  It’s hard to explain without showing them the dynamic nature of our sport and so more often than not I have to show them video on my iPhone.

Other people do not have the luxury or instant access to video and so the opportunity to imbue better understanding of who we are, what we play, and why we play Ultimate is lost.  It’s always my goal to get more people involved in Ultimate and one of the ways to do it is by bringing the excitement of live video to share with friends and family.

The weekend was a test for some software I threw together on Wednesday (Canada Day) and Thursday evening and aside from running out of power it went decently well.  The plan is to broadcast Ontario Regionals live (weather permitting) and to provide live scores for the main field at the very least.

If you’re around in Waterloo this weekend and not playing and are interested in helping with covering the even then let me know ( and we’ll do what we can.

If you’re a TD running a tournament somewhere in the world and would like to broadcast live through this site (or your own as the flash player can be embedded anywhere) then once again let me know and I’ll provide the bandwidth to make it happen during this alpha and beta period.  I should note that the software is in an R&D phase presently and there are plans to develop it further so expect slow going until I can find the time to make a product out of it.

Yes there are other services you can use for live video but some of the things I have planned (features as well as additional tools) require that I “roll my own service” as it were.

If you have questions and/or comments then please let me know.  I’ll be continuing tests throughout the week as well as posting some video from the weekend’s live stream soon.

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