Day 1 Regionals Recap

Day one reveals few surprises amongst the top seeds in Mixed with Liquid troubled only by Mayhem (9-6) on their march towards the finals.  Likewise MONSTER defeated Tundra 8-4 at the end of the day.  All teams struggled with the wind and have been unable to play consistently.

BigFish creates waves by breaking seed and defeating both Zen (11-8) and Crisis (12-6).  BigFish now has a shot at the sixth seed by winning two games of their three games on Sunday.  It’s likely that we’ll see either DeskLamp or DiscGraceful take in BigFish to determine who moves onto CUC.

In Women’s there have been no upsets and the consistent play of top seeds allowed them to shutout several teams.  The final match of the day on the main field featured Lotus and Stella with Lotus taking it 8-7.  Expect both of the top ladies teams in the finals on Sunday afternoon.

Mixed finals is shaping up to be Liquid vs MONSTER.  Live coverage will start slightly before 0900 for thef ull day.  Finals will start at 1200.

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