What’s the plan Stan?

Weekend…c’est le weekend!  A few days to go but a few exciting adventures for Ontario Ultimate.  I apologize to International readers, I’ll get more International content up soon.

For Mixed there’s a little tournament called Northern Flights taking place in North Bay.  While Liquid (Waterloo), Tundra (Toronto), Sick Mitts (Barrie), Big Fish (Ottawa), Druid (London), Crisis (Waterloo), Desklamp (Guelph), and Zen (Toronto) are attending a few other teams (MONSTER and BFC in particular) will be missing out and so we won’t quite get a Regionals preview.  It will be interesting as we should get some idea of seeding for Regionals but it’s not clear how MONSTER will be placed ahead of July 11th.  This is also the first time this season that a full strength Liquid will be playing in a tournament and while a “The Dockers” vs Liquid finals is almost a certainty I favour Liquid heavily in that contest.

Northern Flights will be important for the teams outside of the top five fighting for the sixth (and possibly even fifth spot if one of the top five slip up) in gauging their strengths and also how they’ll seed for Regionals.  While Zen has had a rough season it’s about time that they click and start causing trouble.  Desklamp is missing a handler this weekend (he’ll be playing with me in Cleveland) while the other teams should have a relatively regular cast of characters.  A good Regionals preview.

The other little bit of a tournament in this part of the world is Cleveland No Surf.  I’ll be there this weekend playing with Too Bad.  Thanks to our result from Cazenovia we squeaked into the power pools (Pool B) and will face:  Madcow (Columbus, OH), Forge X (Pittsburgh, PA, one of two Forge teams), Haymaker (Chicago, IL), and Grand Trunk (Toronto, ON) on Saturday.  I will try to obtain content during the tournament and provide some commentary when I return.  Pool A consists of:  Ann Arbor (Michigan), Forge Y (Pittsburgh, PA), LouEVIL (Louisville, KY), Eagle Eye Vision (unknown), and Swagger U (Pittsburgh, PA).

In Women’s Scarlett and Lily are going to make it down from Ontario to play six other teams (Dish, BRU, Karate Chop Action, Bus, Moxie, and Bacon Bids).

What else is going on this weekend?

In Germany it’s the University Nationals Championships, there’s a few Beach tournaments in Europe, a small tournament in Edmonton, Alberta, and oh yes a small tournament in Eugene Oregon that’s barely worth mentioning.  Wait, it’s worth mentioning?  Solstice.

In its 31st year Solstice is a requirement for teams in the NW and has an elite division for all those that play UPA Clubs competitively.  This year elite has such big names as:  Sockeye, Furious, Rhino, Revolver, Blackfish, and Invictus.  Women’s has:  Fury, Riot, and Traffic.  It should be an amazing weekend out there with best teams in the world warming up for a 2009 World Qualifier season.

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