Prairie Regionals Update

During the process of checking up on Regionals and sending random emails I received a reply from Corey Draper (Executive Director of Manitoba Organization of Disc Sports).

Prairie Regionals will “most likely” be held at the Flatland tournament in Winnipeg on July 4th and 5th.  Corey also forwarded a list of teams that are expected to compete for bids to CUC and you can find that below.

Open:  Three bids (2 strength bids from finishing 7th and 8th in Calgary).

Teams:  Strike (Winnipeg) and Mangina (Regina).

The remaining bid may be filled by a team from Saskatoon but they haven’t confirmed so far.

Women’s:  One bid.

Teams:  Fusion (Winnipeg), Sirens (Regina), and Saskatoon.

Master’s:  One bid.

Teams:  Flood (Winnipeg) and Regina.

Regina has not confirmed attendance yet.

Mixed:  One bid.

Teams:  Chaos (Winnipeg), Swarm (Winnipeg), and Sasquatch (Saskatoon).

Sasquatch has not confirmed whether they’ll play Mixed or instead take the available Open bid.

Juniors:  Two bids (1 strength bid from a 1st place finish in Calgary).

Teams:  MOFO (Winnipeg) and Winnipeg 2.

A Regionals may still be necessary but Regina and Saskatoon have not yet deferred from entering a team.

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