Le Weekend

July 4th weekend fast approaches and while that means Potlatch in the NW it means Flatlands in Manitoba (Prairie Regionals included) and Jazz Fest in Montreal.

Teams and seeds have been posted for Jazz Fest and it looks like it’s going to be tightly competitive.  As expected Storm takes the top seed followed closely by PPF (who will be without their captain Darcy D. as she’s at Potlatch).  Conspicously missing are Stella and Lotus persumably due to Boston Invite last weekend but one would expect Stella to play in a tournament so close to home.  Perhaps the proximity of World Games also plays a role in the Stella ladies deciding against Jazz Fest.

In Open Mephisto and Phoenix occupy the top spots while GLUM and NADS also found in the top eight.  Perhaps a bit underseeded is Medicare a Waterloo Region team that was defeated by Phoenix in the game to go at UPA Sectionals last year.  Medicare has expanded their roster and continued to develop talent to bring a stronger team to Jazzfest.  You’ll also be able to find Medicare (with a slightly different roster) at No Borders.  The rest of the teams are closely matched and I expect each game to be hard fought.

Expect photos and perhaps a bit of video from the weekend.

I suspect I should make some sort of “call” on what happens this weekend.

Going against the grain I’ll say that Phoenix will defeat Mephisto in Open and that Storm will hold off PPF for Women’s (I’ll still be cheering for PPF).

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