What to do?

I haven’t posted for a couple days but things have been busy.  In between preparing more content, working on projects, traveling, league, practice, and oh…work, it has been a hectic few days.

So what’s coming up this weekend?

The last few days have provided plenty of rain to soften the ground in preparation for Soggy Bottom Bowl in Guelph.  It’s a fun tournament that’s usually held on the first weekend of May (rather than the last) but the TD was busy earlier in the season and the city wouldn’t open a certain few fields.  Normally SBB is also a part of the tryout schedule rather than a regular season schedule and this should be our first good look at the teams coming out of Ontario (other than BFC and Big Fish).

Why does this matter to the rest of the world?  I know of at least three teams from Ontario looking to head to Prague.  Ontario also has the largest contingent of Mixed teams heading to Canadian National Championships and it’s likely that two or three of the teams going to Prague will be from Ontario.  Stay tuned!

While these teams are certainly competitive in Canada this fall many of the gents will form up into Medicare to try and get to Regionals.  Last year a shortened roster of 12 was hobbled to 11 after I decided to continue playing on my injured knees.  This year we’ll be looking to enter a stronger and slightly larger roster.

That’s all from this part of the world; next week will have Women’s and Open coverage as well as a Gender Blender preview.

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