The Swiss – Round 1

Thanks to Flo (PR for SUA) round one details are in as well as a bit more information.

The Swiss play through three rounds to decide upon the ranking of their touring teams and they do so through three tournaments.  The first one was this past weekend and the finals will be in September.  The results from the finals will decide which teams head to Prague.

Typically Swiss teams are amongst the top four country teams in Europe (GBR, SWE, FIN, and SUI) for both Open and Women’s but have had mixed results at World’s (WUGC 2008 finished 9th and 10th for Open and Women’s respectively).  It’s harder to guage WUCC performance as Switzerland did not send any teams to Perth in 2006.  However, the European tournament season has started and we can get an idea of matchups from results there.

But first!  Results!

In Open A:  Flying Angels, Freespeed, and Wizards finished in the top three and those teams are expected to battle it out for the crown.

In Mixed:  HiJACKERS and ZUF finished at the top of their pools with large differntials but have yet to see games between those two teams as well as the second place finishers in the pools:  FlyHigh and Radical.

To give you an idea of how the Swiss Open teams compare to others in Europe we can look at results from Tom’s Tourney (Open and Women’s tournament a few weeks ago).  The first place game was between CUSB La Fotta and Freespeed.  The French teams that were mentioned in another post a few days ago finished 6th, 7th, 8th, and 11th.

From this single sample (my inner statistician) it would appear that the Swiss teams will be quite competitive at WUCC but we’ll know more as the summer progresses.

In my conversations with Flo the lack of a Women’s division also came up.  It appears that there simply aren’t enough ladies teams and most players prefer Open or Mixed.  I can understand why there’s a lack of Women’s teams simply due to a smaller population to pull from.  Still, there appears to be a Women’s division at the Swiss cup on the first weekend of August.  More details on this as the date approaches.

Full results from round 1 in Bern .

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