Stats in Ultimate?

This post was triggered by Steven’s post on Using Video for Ultimate Stats and Analysis .

Long have other sports used video for analysis and training while Ultimate Frisbee (being as young as it is) seems to be lagging.  You’re probably had somebody record a game or two of yours but what if it was an off game?  Or an easy opponent?  Are the stats gathered still valid?  In order for video stats gathering to be effective you need to record an entire tournament.  Most of you are probably thinking that it’s overkill but with Ultimate becoming more competitive the edge that you get becomes ever so important.

Once you have the video there’s still the problem of analysis.  How do you decide what’s important or not?  Basic stats like completion rates and number of passes are important but there’s other factors to consider as well.  Less obvious factors such as recording wind speed and direction can reveal much with regards to who to put on the field as well as effective disc movement strategies; these things become important when you’re playing in sectionals or UPA finals.

All of this brings up some interesting ideas and I think I’ll hack around a bit over the next few weeks to see if I can come up with some software that can assist folks.

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