What’s up this weekend?  In general it’s fun tournaments all around.  There’re intermediate tournaments in France, a tournament in Belgium where it’s only under 18s and those with less with two years of experience, and then here in my neck of the woods:  May Day.

Yes, a bit of self promotion but it’s a small fun tournament with teams from across Southern Ontario attending.  It’s actually two small tournaments in one with a Mixed division and a Junior’s division.  This year looks to be particularly exciting as there are two teams composed of GOAT, Lotus, and GT players that will go up against each in addition to Liquid and other Mixed teams.

Defending champions from last year have returned as the “Blue Jays” and have picked up “Dime” and Lindquist (yes, the one WUGC 2008 that was throwing the monster flicks).  Patrick Mooney, who played on the championship team from last year, has moved to “Polkaroo” and will be joined by a handler from friend from GOAT:  Scotty Nicholls.  Not that I’m name dropping here but it should be a good chance for me to see all the things I do incorrectly and learn best I can.

For mixed touring the big news will be to see how Liquid performs against the aforementioned star studded teams.  Will they be able to repeat their performance from TUF?  Will they capture the May Day crown/ice cream bars (temperature and TD hunger pending)?

Be sure to check out the Twitter feed for updates and photos throughout the day.

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