May Day – 2009

It’s over for yet another year.  I think Tournament Director’s have a love/hate relationship with their tournaments.  We like putting on the tournament but we don’t like waking up so early or staying up so late.  Regardless, it’s over and here are some results.

View photos from the full day.

Both semis were close matches with all teams showing excellent offense.  In the first semi Havoc led the Blue Jays 7-6 before Blue Jays turned up the D (slightly) to take half.  In the second half Blue Jays maintained the lead to take the game at hard cap:  14-12.  The second semi had an exciting first half with Liquid going down 2-7 against Polkaroo before going on a 8-0 scoring run to win 10-7.  Blue Jays vs Liquid in the finals.

In the finals Blue Jays (with a short roster of 11 players) kept their two year perfect record going by defeating Liquid 16-14.  At one point the game had been tied 14-14 but a few rushed passes by Liquid near their own end zone sealed the deal.  It should be noted that Liquid were playing without a lady striker that they’ll have at Nationals as well as without Andrew Rae and Matt and Ashley Snow (the missing players are amongst the strongest).

Overall both Liquid and Mayhem (much of Havoc was composed of Mayhem players) look to be strong teams that will compete well at Nationals.  In the only head to head match between Liquid and Havoc both teams matched up in a close game before Liquid steamed ahead to win 15-10 (in under 70 minutes).  Expect to see these two teams matched up again during Ontario Regionals (and perhaps as early as next weekend at Soggy Bottom Bowl in Guelph).

Other tournament news included close games between The Company and Crisis with the teams meeting for their first match in the day (10-8 to The Company) as well as in the 5th place finals where The Company tied it up during hard cap before winning on Universe.  Both games were hard losses for Crisis but they will improve as the season progresses and they develop chemistry.  Another team that should improve significantly as the season progresses is Zen Asylum.  Zen had a very inconsistent day with a close loss to Crisis (Universe point 12-11) followed by a half-hearted loss against The Company (13-4).  The last two games were significantly better and I’m confident that once Zen hits their stride they will be competitive for Ontario Regionals.

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