Here comes trouble…

Welcome to yet another website about Ultimate.  Why should you pay attention?

I’m fortunate in that I live in a part of the world with just enough Ultimate to satiate my playing appetite while providing ample opportunity to travel out of this region.  To date I’ve played Ultimate in several different countries and I continue to hunger for more.  When traveling you meet many wonderful folks that you want to play with.  As I’ve traveled I’ve become curious about Ultimate in other parts of the world and why we hear so little about it.  Ultimate connects us through the simple rules of fair play and self rule; it also transcends language and cultural behaviours (something I’ve seen first hand at Paganello).

I’ve gone and mentioned Paganello so I’ll expand upon how it affects me.  In 2008 I attended Paganello for the first time and instantly felt at home.  In 2009 I was fortunate to attend again and Tweeted the finals live (much to the chagrin of my Facebook friends).  There was quite a bit of interest in response to the live commentary and for quite sometime I’d been wanting to start this blog and that was the trigger.

What you’ll see here:  Event updates from around the world, information on events that I attend, photos, video, commentary, blah blah blah, interesting things that I’d like to share.

What you’ll also see here:  There are actually two domains that link to this site and .  Yes, I’m filled with a bit of self doubt and you’ll also see personal posts here about me being cut from a team as well as results from tournaments both good and bad.  Like all competitive players I’d like to play at an ever higher level and the only way to the top is through an introspective dialog.

Hope you enjoy it all.

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