French Open Championships Results

Results from the weekend!

Discounted by many in favour of a younger teams Jack’Suns improved upon their 3rd place finish from last year to finish first.  The weekend was not without a little drama for them as they edged out Iznogood with a 15-13 win to hold onto their spot in the finals against Friselis.

Friselis, on the other hand, cruised through Saturday with easy games against Anges des Monts (17-4) and Ah Ouh PUC (17-5).  Unfortunately when it came time to perform they were trounced by Jack’Suns in both the last round play match (17-10) and then the finals (14-10).

In other play Iznogood defeated Ultimate Vibrations 17-16 on Saturday but UV reversed that score in the 3rd place match with a 17-15 victory.

Indications are that the above results will have no bearing upon which teams earn a bid to Prague but it does point to an exciting qualification series.  All four teams above are susceptible to at least one of the other teams.  Even though Jack’Suns is undefeated this year they’ve had two very close games against UV (13-12) and Iznogood (15-13).  Friselis has been inconsistent and while they seem to have Iznogood figured out (17-9) will need to perform better against UV (13-14) and Jack’Suns (10-17, 10-14).

Except to see Friselis, Ultimate Vibration, and Iznogood at Windmill Windup from June 12th-14th in Amsterdam.  In 2008 Friselis finished 3rd while UV and Iznogood finished 13th and 14th respectively.

Finals Standings:

  1. Jack’Suns
  2. Friselis
  3. Ultimate Vibration
  4. Iznogood
  5. Anges des Monts
  6. OUF
  7. Ah Ouh PUC
  8. Moustix

Full results from the Championship series.

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