French – Corrections…

Not even one week in and I’m already wrong!  Something didn’t sit right with me about Jack’Suns and a bit of investigative reporting (dusting off my French and actually reading the stats) shows why they deserve their first seed.

The top four Open teams in France are:  Jack’Suns, Friselis, Ultimate Vibration, and Iznogood.  The seeding was determined in the first round which was played at the beginning of April (I don’t know how this slipped my mind as I was in the area and considered watching it live).  Previously I had mentioned that Ah Ouh PUC might be a wildcard but their play in the first round (1-3) doesn’t inspire much condifence towards an upset.

The top four teams seem to be well matched with Jack’Suns beating UV by a single point, Friselis losing to UV by a single point, and Iznogood keeping things closer than they appear on paper.  Overall this weekend could go towards any of the teams listed above.

Big match of the day (Sunday) is Friselis vs Jack’Suns.

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