2009 French Ultimate Championships

The National Champions of French Open Ultimate will be crowned this weekend and the winner will most likely be the team that heads to Prague in 2010.  Favourites to win this year are Friselis from Versailles while title defenders Ultimate Vibration hope to add a 10th National Championship to their resumes.

While both teams are strong Friselis has been building up to this season with a strong club system, fast (and quick) players, confident handlers, and experience from Vancouver 2008.  I had the pleasure of playing with Friselis at Paganello and while we weren’t able to quite adapt to the sand their speed is feared throughout Europe (so said every team that we encountered).

Ultimate Vibration on the other hand is a veteran team with 9 National Championships under their belt in addition to the 6 indoor Championships they hold.  They ranked 13th in Australia 2006 in a close final match over Flippers (14-12) which was preceeded by an even closer (18-17) win over Bouhsears (whom they lost to earlier in the tournament).  Tenacity this team has and hopes to show that they’re still #1 this weekend.

So, who looks likely to prevent either of the teams from reaching the finals?  For Friselis it’s Au Ouh PUC who had some success as Champions in the 90s and have moved back up into the top division this year.  However, it’s unlikely that Friselis will not make the finals.  For Ultimate Vibration the team to beat will be Iznogood.  A strong team with strong handlers Iznogood has some powerful handlers that could open up the game quite a bit if they can consistently sync up with their strikers.  Iznogood also held the Championships in 2006 and 2007 before Ultimate Vibration took it in 2008.

All in all it will be a great weekend.

Game of the day for Saturday will be Ultimate Vibration vs Iznogood at 1200 on field 2.

Game of the day for Sunday will be the finals at 1600 on field 1.

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