Lotus Roster – 2009

This is the unofficial roster for Lotus.

Alena Papayanis
Alyson Walker
Carla DiFilippo
Erica Tucker
Josee Guibord
Hadiya Roderique
Jordan Meron
Justina Chong
Kaitlyn Lovatt
Kate Jardine
Kathleen Fadelle
Kelly Nakamura
Kristin Laurin
Laurel Berkowitz
Lisa Di Diodato
Malissa Lundgren
Martha Paterson
Meredith MacNaughton
Natalie Fitzgerald
Sarah Kidd
Sheri Madigan
Victoria Arrandale

Zen 2009 Roster

Unofficial roster for 2009.

Amy Hunt
Amy Paskewich
Bonnie Ketcheson
Eileen Nicolle
Erin Dempster
Kat Child
Laura Levin
Lucy Zhao
Nancy Shaddick
Sandra Seepaul-Lee
Shiovean Woods

Aaron Carveth
Blue McClellan
Chris Loat
Christian Parsons
Dan Thomson
Diego Garzon
Gary Paskewich
Greg Schmidt
Gui Palias
Kevin Lynch
Manny Belliveau
Shawn Lee
Wayne Moyer

As you can see there are plenty of lady subs and Zen is very serious about it’s developmental nature with quite a few strong players.

In 2008 the game to go match was between Tundra and Zen.  This year with Big Hammers disbanding and six spots still available to CUC, Zen will be at Nationals.  Preview of Regionals games this weekend where Zen will play The Company and Crisis at May Day in Waterloo.  The three aforementioned teams will be fighting for the fifth and sixth bids along with Big Fish.

GOAT 2009 Roster

The following is an unofficial roster:

Andrew Carroll
Shawn Chua
Dan Dantzig
James Donovan
Colin Green
Cam Harris
John Hassell
Lowell Hepner
Dave Janssen
Malcolm Johnston
Mike Jones
Sam Kennedy
Jeff Lindquist
Jonathan Martin
Taylor Martin
Thomson McKnight
Patrick Mooney
Inian Moorthy
Scotty Nicholls
Kirk Nylen
Andy Ouchterlony
Andrew Parker
Evan Philips
Jesse Robertson
Steve Tam
Brett Taylor
Tolya Vasilyev
Phil Watanabe
Graham Withers

Liquid 2009 Roster

As provided by Craig Hyatt with a note indicating that they’re trying to add a lady or two in the future.

Andrew Higgins #50 – Captain
Dan “Blue” Yanke #9 – Captain
Bryanne Root #10 – Captain
Craig Hyatt #13 – Captain
Andrew Rae #27
Ashley Snow #11
Ashley Morrison
Brae Anne McArthur
Chris Sanderson
Cory Galloway
Eric Blanchard
Gabriel Hennessey
Jamie Galloway
Jan Gorski
Kate Barrie #6
Matt Snow #14
Neenah Navasero #1
Nick Head-Petersen
Steph Wong
Yaacov Iland #47
Amanda Matthews #21

Stella 2009 Roster

Jenna McBride – Captain
Marie-Andrée Imbeault – Captain
Anne Mercier
Carly Bassett
Cassie Berquist
Chantal Mayotte
Cheryl Wadasinghe
Danielle Fortin
Jaime Boss
Janique Diba
Kaylee Sparks
Kate Cavallaro
Kate Crump
Kathryn Pohran
Liz Love
Meghan Kane
Paula Saliba
Sandra Shaddick
Samantha Morris
Shannon Becker
Shannon Watt
Sonia Komenda
Viviane Bartlett

BigFish 2009 Roster

Christopher Castonguay – Captain
Tom King – Captain
Erik L’Abbe
Karl Loiseau
Matt McCalla
Kieran Bol
Alistair Boyle
Martin Cottreau
Glenn Ford
Leon Forest-Nault
James King
Devin McCabe
Jordan Lester

Sandra Hanson – Captain
Niki Trudeau – Captain
Catherine Horvath
Maria Tkatchenko
Lindsay bolger
Genevieve Daigle
Andrea Proulx
Jessica Tse

[source: Stephanie Verbit’s forum post on OCUA]