Interesting Coincidence?

Ultimate season has kicked off in North America with tryouts and as our top teams form up my thoughts turn (once again) to WUCC 2010 in Prague.  While announced years ago the preparations and team lists for Prague are far from complete.  Teams across the divisions continue to drop out (Ultimate players are notoriously flaky…ask any Tournament Director) while dedicated teams fill the spots freed up.  Last week Doublewide locked in their spot and a team that hasn’t been seen internationally all that much should stun many teams this July.

Of course it’s tough to tell who will play for whom just yet (the deadline for player rosters is still one month away: May 31st) and a few teams have just completed tryouts.  For example, Fury (San Francisco) just completed their tryouts and drew players from as far away as Italy for a shot to play with them.  Likewise Sockeye, Seattle, announced their roster for 2010 and there’s a few International players on their roster (not to mention Adam Holt!).  Players from GOAT are heading to Sweden and club teams from around the world are working within the roster rules set out by WFDF and their NSO’s to beef up as much as possible.

Of course, it would be nice to get a preview of top teams.  Between now and WUCC there are few major tournaments that would give us a good look at the top teams; if only there was something to quench our thirst for some Ultimate.  Fortunately a little bit of luck is on our side.

On May 8th and 9th the annual Toronto Ultimate Festival (organized by Toronto Sport and Social Club) will feature the top teams from Southern Ontario and Quebec.  While the Mixed division won’t have any teams that are heading to Prague (at this time) we will get our first look at an Ontario without Liquid.  Since the top team in Ontario split up the usual suspects: Tundra, BFC, MONSTER, and Mayhem; new blood: MuD; and old fogeys: Big Hammers; all seem intent on making the Ontario tournament season the tightest in recent memory.

The firepower of Liquid has split in equal parts to Open and Women’s.  Maverick (formerly Medicare) has attracted the top male talent in KW while well established PPF has absorbed the best of the ladies.  It’ll be interesting to see how Maverick will fare against the tryout teams of GOAT, Mephisto, and Phoenix which have seen each other before but never faced Maverick this early in the season.  There’s the  distinct possibility that Maverick will click early in the season and make the finals.

Does that quench your thirst?  No?  That’s good because TSSC and IAmUltimate will be working to record many of the highlight games at TUF and then making them available both on here and the TSSC site.  I have an inkling as to the schedule but Chris Loat (of TSSC) will draw it up next week to give us an idea of how much excitement you can expect.  Also, weather permitting we’ll bring some of those games live.

Will we see a Mephisto vs Phoenix rematch?  Schedules and updates as we think this thing through :)

CUC 2009: Open Finals

During our live broadcast the server first went down at the end of the Open game (I could feel the frustration).  Here is the end of that game to all those that missed it.

Mephisto in black, Phoenix in white.

[flv: 400 320]

Sorry, no iPhone version this time around.

Alright alright…

I’ll post already!  Thanks for all the feedback about the broadcast last weekend (thanks to Trainor for making it go quite smoothly) as well as comments on the blog/blag in general.  Now then, what’s to be said about this upcoming weekend?  Mixed Up is on and Steven Trainor has coverage on his blog.

I’ve decided to take a break this weekend and will instead work on fitness, some flying time, and some much needed work so that I may find the spare time to work on the broadcast system ahead of Nationals (yes, it’s likely that you’ll be able to watch the finals of Nationals live on here).

This is turning out to be a boring post so I’ll give you my thoughts on Mixed Up and the NY Invite.

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Le Weekend

July 4th weekend fast approaches and while that means Potlatch in the NW it means Flatlands in Manitoba (Prairie Regionals included) and Jazz Fest in Montreal.

Teams and seeds have been posted for Jazz Fest and it looks like it’s going to be tightly competitive.  As expected Storm takes the top seed followed closely by PPF (who will be without their captain Darcy D. as she’s at Potlatch).  Conspicously missing are Stella and Lotus persumably due to Boston Invite last weekend but one would expect Stella to play in a tournament so close to home.  Perhaps the proximity of World Games also plays a role in the Stella ladies deciding against Jazz Fest.

In Open Mephisto and Phoenix occupy the top spots while GLUM and NADS also found in the top eight.  Perhaps a bit underseeded is Medicare a Waterloo Region team that was defeated by Phoenix in the game to go at UPA Sectionals last year.  Medicare has expanded their roster and continued to develop talent to bring a stronger team to Jazzfest.  You’ll also be able to find Medicare (with a slightly different roster) at No Borders.  The rest of the teams are closely matched and I expect each game to be hard fought.

Expect photos and perhaps a bit of video from the weekend.

I suspect I should make some sort of “call” on what happens this weekend.

Going against the grain I’ll say that Phoenix will defeat Mephisto in Open and that Storm will hold off PPF for Women’s (I’ll still be cheering for PPF).

Where was I?

CUT is over and I’m partially recovered.  Wait, I’ll clarify.  I’m recovered from the driving rather than the playing.

My Friday evening started with a drive to Fergus to drop off a few drinks for my friends from Sudbury, Chicago, and Steve from  I also had a chance to hang out for a few moments but a rather rushed visit it was.  Driving away from GB was incredibly hard but the lure of CUT was far too great to ignore.

My GPS indicated that my travel time to Cazenovia would be ~4.5 hours but a GPS shouldn’t always be trusted and the selected route was closer to 6 hours (it would have been longer but I always have paper maps).  Anyhow, enough about me and more about…well the tournament and me.


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