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I’ll post already!  Thanks for all the feedback about the broadcast last weekend (thanks to Trainor for making it go quite smoothly) as well as comments on the blog/blag in general.  Now then, what’s to be said about this upcoming weekend?  Mixed Up is on and Steven Trainor has coverage on his blog.

I’ve decided to take a break this weekend and will instead work on fitness, some flying time, and some much needed work so that I may find the spare time to work on the broadcast system ahead of Nationals (yes, it’s likely that you’ll be able to watch the finals of Nationals live on here).

This is turning out to be a boring post so I’ll give you my thoughts on Mixed Up and the NY Invite.

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What’s up this weekend?  In general it’s fun tournaments all around.  There’re intermediate tournaments in France, a tournament in Belgium where it’s only under 18s and those with less with two years of experience, and then here in my neck of the woods:  May Day.

Yes, a bit of self promotion but it’s a small fun tournament with teams from across Southern Ontario attending.  It’s actually two small tournaments in one with a Mixed division and a Junior’s division.  This year looks to be particularly exciting as there are two teams composed of GOAT, Lotus, and GT players that will go up against each in addition to Liquid and other Mixed teams.

Defending champions from last year have returned as the “Blue Jays” and have picked up “Dime” and Lindquist (yes, the one WUGC 2008 that was throwing the monster flicks).  Patrick Mooney, who played on the championship team from last year, has moved to “Polkaroo” and will be joined by a handler from friend from GOAT:  Scotty Nicholls.  Not that I’m name dropping here but it should be a good chance for me to see all the things I do incorrectly and learn best I can.

For mixed touring the big news will be to see how Liquid performs against the aforementioned star studded teams.  Will they be able to repeat their performance from TUF?  Will they capture the May Day crown/ice cream bars (temperature and TD hunger pending)?

Be sure to check out the Twitter feed for updates and photos throughout the day.

Liquid 2009 Roster

As provided by Craig Hyatt with a note indicating that they’re trying to add a lady or two in the future.

Andrew Higgins #50 – Captain
Dan “Blue” Yanke #9 – Captain
Bryanne Root #10 – Captain
Craig Hyatt #13 – Captain
Andrew Rae #27
Ashley Snow #11
Ashley Morrison
Brae Anne McArthur
Chris Sanderson
Cory Galloway
Eric Blanchard
Gabriel Hennessey
Jamie Galloway
Jan Gorski
Kate Barrie #6
Matt Snow #14
Neenah Navasero #1
Nick Head-Petersen
Steph Wong
Yaacov Iland #47
Amanda Matthews #21

TUF 2009 – Recap

A wild and wonderful weekend with a few surprises wrapped up last Sunday at Sunnybrook Park in Toronto.  Many teams took their first steps towards Regionals, Nationals, or Prague.  Just mentioning Prague excites me as some teams have spent the last three years preparing for their chance to play with the best in the world.  Prague is a hot topic in North America this year since teams that finish well at CUC (Canadian Ultimate Championships) and UPA Finals will be favoured by their National Organizations to head overseas in 2010.

The Toronto Ultimate Festival (or TUF) is the start of season tournament in Ontario for Open, Women’s, and Mixed teams.  TUF is of particular importance because it is the last tournament before final cuts for most teams are made.  The pressure from tryouts and a winter of pent up energy leads to Ultimate that can be both more conservative and explosive than what’s found at most mid-season tournaments.

Tryouts are hard enough with the combination of nerves and winter rust but a pleasant surprise for all involved was the thunderstorm on Saturday morning.  After the first few points had been played lightning forced a 15 minute delay which extended into a 45 minute delay once marble sized hail starting falling (hail remained on the ground for at least another two hours).  A break in the storm allowed two games to be completed before the trailing edge brought 40 km/h winds (60 km/h gusts) torrential downpours and fears of cancellation.  Fortunately the storm broke and the fields were dry enough for play.  Players from Team Canada and GLOATUS (Toronto All-Stars) were the first to take to the fields as they warmed up for the showcase match (game commentary as Twittered live).

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