Saturday are…

Results from Boston Invite Saturday are coming in on score reporter.  As expected both Ironside and GOAT have finished at the top of their pools and have the rest of the day off.  Mephisto finished 0-3 in their pool (game against GOAT was not as close as CUT) and will face off against Providence Pack Dogs at 1700 (5 pm).

PoNY also went 0-3 today and had a much closer match against Ironside than at CUT (where they lost 13-3).  PoNY will play Forge at 1700 to determine whether or not Forge has completed their CUT turnaround.  Phoenix finished 1-2 and will face the second place team out of C pool (game results not in).

Interestingly Grand Trunk is in H pool which seems rather low for a GOAT feeder team.  They should be seeded higher than Red Circus, Brooklyn, Philly Love, and perhaps Colt .45 (I’ve seen the last three teams play inside of the last two months) and deserve better than playing for 31st place or whatever it is down in Easterns II/III.

Women’s results are still filtering in and will be available in the recap later today.

Sluggish Weekend

Boston Invite 2009 is in play and there will be updates from the field as I have them.

One piece we do have (courtesy of Mike Jones of GOAT) are the results from the showcase game on Friday evening at 2000 (8 pm) vs Ironside:

Tight & long game against Boston, lost 12-15. Broken twice – D line needs 2 convert. Hopefully c them in the finals Sunday.

So there you have it, a better result than Cazenovia and let’s look for GOAT and Ironside in the finals.

Where was I?

CUT is over and I’m partially recovered.  Wait, I’ll clarify.  I’m recovered from the driving rather than the playing.

My Friday evening started with a drive to Fergus to drop off a few drinks for my friends from Sudbury, Chicago, and Steve from  I also had a chance to hang out for a few moments but a rather rushed visit it was.  Driving away from GB was incredibly hard but the lure of CUT was far too great to ignore.

My GPS indicated that my travel time to Cazenovia would be ~4.5 hours but a GPS shouldn’t always be trusted and the selected route was closer to 6 hours (it would have been longer but I always have paper maps).  Anyhow, enough about me and more about…well the tournament and me.


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