Beach Ultimate as WFDF Sport?

Via Patrick:

I just finished emailing a 36-page motion to the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) to have Beach Ultimate officially recognized as a Flying Disc Sport and for the WFDF to co-host the upcoming World Championships.This motion will be voted on by WFDF members at the next World Ultimate Club Championships in Prague in July.

Why is it a good thing for Beach Ultimate to be independent from (grass) Ultimate and why should the WFDF support the next World Championships? Read the motion. Don’t be put off by the number of pages. Pages 3-8 are the real proposal. The rest of the pages are supporting material.

Let us know what you think!

King of Spirit

Continuing with conversations this time around I chat with Patrick van der Valk who is Executive Director of BULA.  Patrick and I first chatted with regards to Paganello and helping me find a team for this year.  We also met at Paganello and have talked from time to time since then.  Earlier this year he contacted me with regards to a new Spirit Survey that WFDF and BULA were putting forward.  In conjunction with the release of the new survey Patrick agreed to an interview and after a few months of trying to set it up I managed to find some time to speak to him.

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BULA Asian Championships Beach Ultimate 2009

ACBU 2009It’s here!  The website at least.  Asian Beach Ultimate Championships are being held in Boracay with the wonderful Dragons playing hosts.  The Dragons were amongst the most popular teams at Paganello and I’d love to attend this tournament just to play amongst friends.

Speaking of which, I am working on a way to get to the tournament and if I do you’ll get plenty of coverage.  Karen (the TD) has also pointed out that the tournament will end on October 31st which means a massive costume party.

In any case, check out the website and tell everybody you know about it.  You can also find the tournament Event on Facebook.

Countries that have expressed interest so far [source: ABUC website]:

  1. Australia
  2. China
  3. Currier Island
  4. Goa
  5. Hong Kong
  6. Indonesia
  7. Japan
  8. New Zealand
  9. Pakistan
  10. Philippines
  11. Singapore
  12. South Korea
  13. Taiwan
  14. Thailand
  15. Vietnam