In our world

It’s an exciting weekend coming up for us in this part of Ontario as well as in Europe.

I am heading to Cleveland No-Surf with Too Bad.

A number of friends (Rahil, Marc, and others) are heading to Northern Flights in North Bay.  We should get a decent look at what’s going on in Ontario Mixed Ultimate based upon weekend results.

Hilco is off to UK Tour II (where he’ll encounter an Australian team that’s on a European tour as part of their WUCC experience).  More details on this when he returns.

A younger group of friends are attending training camp for the Canadian U23 team in Vancouver.

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BigFish 2009 Roster

Christopher Castonguay – Captain
Tom King – Captain
Erik L’Abbe
Karl Loiseau
Matt McCalla
Kieran Bol
Alistair Boyle
Martin Cottreau
Glenn Ford
Leon Forest-Nault
James King
Devin McCabe
Jordan Lester

Sandra Hanson – Captain
Niki Trudeau – Captain
Catherine Horvath
Maria Tkatchenko
Lindsay bolger
Genevieve Daigle
Andrea Proulx
Jessica Tse

[source: Stephanie Verbit’s forum post on OCUA]