Sidelines 2012 – 02 – 03

Welcome to this SuperBowl edition of Sidelines! But only because the game is Sunday, I predict a boringly efficient game, and I really don’t care which of Tom or Eli gets another ring. Wouldn’t you rather see Ray Lewis and Patrick Willis headlining this game than possibly the frailest quarterbacks around?  Anyways, I digress…

This week on Sidelines:


The international scene

NYNY v Big Brother


Tom Crawford

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Sidelines 2012 – 01 – 06

Happy doomsyear! 2012 is upon us, so let’s make the most of it. My new years resolution: go to at least one tournament I’ve never been to. Achievable I think. But enough about me, if there’s one thing I’d like to see achieved this year, it’s filling the Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan come August 12. Big goings on in the Ultimate Frisbee world these days, and I mean BIG. This week on Sidelines:

Memories of WUCC 2010

Stanford v Alumni, Timbits style


A look into the Buffalo Hunters’ Combine from Skyd’s Zack Smith

The most exciting map in recent history

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Sidelines 2011 – 12 – 09

Sidelines! Sidelines! Party time! Excellent!

(Wayne) Woah, alright, excellent. EXTREME CLOSEUP!!! WOAHHHHHH! (Garth) WOAHHHHHH! (Wayne) WOAHHHHHH! Alright, excellent, excellent extreme closeup. Now it’s time for Wayne’s world totally amazing discoveries!

Tonight on Sidelines:

The best use of a speedboat since James Bond got away in one

Sockeye Camps

Bad 80s movies


Baberaham lincoln?

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Weekend Update: 2010-10-11

With the final round of Regionals now finished the stage is set for USA Championships in Florida.  In this episode we’ll recap the following results from Regionals:

  • Central:  Masters, Mixed, Open, and Women’s
  • Northeast: Masters, Mixed, Open, and Women’s
  • Mid-Atlantic: Open and Women’s
  • Southwest: Masters, Mixed, Open, and Women’s

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