NexGen Thoughts

No doubt most of you have been watching the NexGen games on Vimeo or, if you want them all, on UltiVillage.  As the tour starts to travel East there are interesting developments.  One of the most interesting will be next Wednesday when NexGen play GOAT at Esther Shiner Stadium in Toronto (do not miss this if you’re around).  The game between NexGen and GOAT will be one of the more direct comparisons between Furious and GOAT than we’ve had this year.  The comparison is especially important as in less than one month the two teams are favoured at CUC and are likely to meet in the finals.

However, there are more important issues at hand.

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Sidelines 2011-05-13

Welcome to tonight’s edition of Sidelines (or possibly today’s, depending on when you’re reading this).

This week:



Highlights, Highlights, Highlights! (From, presumably, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!)

Galleries! Bet you can’t (check out) just one…

Skyd’s 2011 College Rankings (CONTROVERSY, possibly? :O)

Tips and Tricks, because I’m a like out help a brother/sister out :)

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University of Waterloo vs Wilfred Laurier University – Photos by Jon Hines

On Saturday, November 14, 2010, the University of Waterloo (UW) and  Wilfred Laurier University (WLU) Open Ultimate teams had a post-season exhibition game in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.  This was the first game of this type between the two Universities in Waterloo.  Laurier had defeated UW B team at University Easterns but had yet to play against the UW A team in an organized game.  2010 was the first year for the WLU team, and several of their players played for UW last year at CEUUC and CUUC 2009.  As an alumnus of the UW team and a friend of many of the players on the Laurier team, this game had special meaning for me.  The game symbolized how far ultimate has come in Waterloo and it was really exciting for me to watch and photograph what turned out to be some pretty respectable ultimate.  I bought a new lens in time for the occasion, which added to my personal excitement.  Continue reading