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Sidelines 2010-09-24

This week in Sidelines!  Plenty of videos!

  • Point Break SF?
  • Bring Your Disc to Work Day recap
  • A fantastic article on Henry Callahan
  • Kids playing Ultimate rather well (mostly)
  • A Football Club plays a bit of flat ball
  • Stanford Ultimate Club puts on a demo at a Football game
  • Chesapeake Open 2010 Photos
  • FFindr! has a new translation interface
  • A neat info-graphic of a disc

Let’s get started shall we?

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CEUCC – Western

Western Captain Mark Lloyd (one of two captains, I believe) has sent in a recap of their experience at CEUCC 2010.

They say the hardest thing to do in sports is repeat a championship. I think it is equally as hard to win a championship after being so close to one, but falling short just outside the finish line. How does a team rebound from such heartbreak? This is what we on the Western Sharks are looking to find out this season.

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Weekend Update! 2010-09-20

It’s been a crazy weekend for Ultimate in much of North America and here’s as much of it as I could dig up.  Within we’ll summarize:

  • Stall Fall (Guelph, Ontario)
  • Harvest Fall (Peterborough, Ontario)
  • CEUCC (Kingston, Ontario)
  • Upstate New York Club Mixed Sectionals (Ithaca, [New] York)
  • Philly Fusion (Manheim, Pennsylvania)
  • Upstate New York Club Open Sectionals (Rochester, [New] York)

In the future we would like to expand coverage beyond just our region, if you’re interested in providing content please contact

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CEUUC 2010

Kingston, Queen’s, well done sirs and madams. We who are sore salute you. A tournament with good fields is infinitely more enjoyable than one with dirt patches and potholes, so thank you from all of us who laid out, slid and didn’t snap our ankles on your fields.

Congrats to everyone who played this weekend at the Canadian Eastern University Ultimate Championships, a good showing by all. It was great to see A and B teams coming to CEUUC, I love that there are enough people to support 2 teams at so many universities and at such a high level. Mad props to McGill and Carleton for a great men’s final and to uOttawa and TULA for an equally exciting women’s. Ottawa did end up splitting the hardware, uOttawa taking the women’s and Carleton in the men’s, so congratulations to both squads. :)

I played with Carleton this weekend and we pulled a couple games out with some real grit on defence, particularly the Guelph and McGill (final) games, so phenomenal job Ravens. Old Milwaukee never tasted so adequate than out of a trophy after a hard-fought game. Winning that final was so gratifying, which is the mark left by playing such a worthy opponent. To Guelph, I don’t know if there’s something in the water  in Guelph but wow are you ever an annoyingly solid team. That was easily one of the more intense games I’ve played in in a while. If these are the calibre of teams we’ll see at CUUC, that’ll be one tournament that you’ll feel on Monday……a week after it’s over.

Some notes on the tournament then. Observers were used sparingly, in some round robin games and both finals. I haven’t decided if I’m for or against observers yet but I know that I’m definitely for having no observers all tournament or observers throughout. All you can really ask for with observers is consistency in their calls, so all I’d ask is consistency in whether they’re there. Yes, I realize that there aren’t enough to go around but one can always wish.

Wind played a surprisingly large part of this tournament, for us at least, we pulled out the zone a lot this weekend in the blustery conditions. I really didn’t expect to see so much of it in men’s, nor did I expect to loathe handlers who could throw a good hammer as much as I did. But we shut down offences with it for the most part. A good rabbit/chase/etc is invaluable in the wind, so all the respect in the world goes to all you who huff and puff and go out and do it again next shift. It was interesting to see how much we had to adjust our game in the finals after playing with a crosswind to a head/tailwind. I think Ultimate Frisbee is the only sport where something so unpredictable can predict so much about how the game is going to go.

I’d like to know if it’s just a given that bagels, nutella, peanut butter, bananas, apples and oranges will be a mainstay at every tournament ever, and how that came to be if it so happens that they are. I loves me some nutella on a raisin bagel with half an orange, but I don’t know of any other sport that has so unanimously decided on a set of tournament foods.

Special shoutouts to Gloryhole and/or Orbital Bone, if you’re reading this. Way to take it like a champ.

Here’s looking forward to CUUC,




Sidelines: 2010-09-17

This is a busy weekend in this part of the world with USA Sectionals [editor: originally said Regionals], CEUUC, Stall Fall, and Harvest Fall all happening at the same time and completely saturating the market.  Things have gotten so bad that I’ve had to import a friend from the Yukon to play at Stall Fall with me.  The Yukon folks!  That’s over 5000 km away…over 3000 miles!

This week on “Sidelines” we have:

  • A video of a bunch of dudes….Woooo!
  • Chicago Referees…Whaaa?
  • Bring Your DISC to Work Day…hmmm…
  • More Labor Day Photos…ooooh…
  • CEUUC Schedule…true!
  • Something that will probably annoy people because it has to do with Crazy Frank…boooooo…

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Reminder: Bring Your Disc to Work Day

A reminder that “Bring Your Disc to Work Day” is tomorrow.

Details are on the Ultimate Canada website and the Facebook Event page.



Chicago Heaveyweights Championship 2010 Pictures by Jon Hines

I was really excited to be invited to play at CHC 2010 this year with Maverick (Open, from Ontario, Canada).  They were down to only 8 guys from the standard roster so I think they were a little desperate for players but it was still a huge honour to play with them.  The tournament was wet and misty on the first day, which lead to some great conditions for pictures both from a lighting and from a number of layouts per minute (lpm) point of view.  It was a huge tournament with ~80 teams total and good representations in each of the tournament team divisions (Open, Womens, Mixed).   My team did fairly well for a team with a maximum of 12 cleated players, we won 3 and lost 1 on the first day and then lost both games the second day, but not without putting up a fight.

On Referees

At the end of the first day, there was an exhibition game that was special because it was advertised as a “Refereed” game [pics 7-11].  This meant that there were 5 observers on the field (maybe some of them were lines-persons) and that they were following the regulations for the most active level of ultimate observing, ie. active stall counting, travel calls and offside calls.  The game did closely resemble the sport I love to play, but the flow was interrupted but the numerous travel calls and it seemed like every pull had at least one offside call, if not two.  On the other hand, it was interesting to see how much the typical high level ultimate player travels, and how we seem to ignore offside rules almost completely at nearly all levels of the sport. Continue Reading →

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