UUCC Days 2 and 3

After a couple of exhausting days always on the move or photographing I figured it was time to take a break and hang out with some fine folks in the USA Ultimate community.

The last two days had some incredible Ultimate and some “ok” Ultimate. Inspired by Johnny and his friends I decided to spend much of my time on Friday following Furious George with a break to watch whatever game came my way.

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UUCC Captain’s Meeting

Amidst a crowd of friends meeting, hugging, and slapping each others’ asses a group of men and women sat at the front of the room awaiting the start of the Captain’s meeting. Those seated in silence were the leadership of an organization that has positioned itself as the face of Ultimate in the USA but I believe it’s poised to be the face of Ultimate worldwide.

What follows below is a recap of the inaugural USA Ultimate Club Championships Captain’s Meeting.

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CUUC 2010 – Western Recap

Once again Mark Lloyd has provided a recap of his experience at CUUC 2010 in Ottawa.

Leaving the fields on the Sunday of Eastern’s I think it was safe to say that we at Western had a lot of questions we needed to ask about ourselves as individuals and more importantly as a team. These questions were continually asked in the weeks between Eastern’s and Nationals; are we talented enough to win, do we have the right mix of consistent players as well as playmakers to challenge the top teams.

Only one way to find out.

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