CUC 2010 Juniors Final

Photo by Lee Gonzalez

As close as we could get it to midnight here on the East Coast (before some of us head to the West Coast for the Ultimate Canada Conference) IAmUltimate along with CUC 2010 Sherbrooke brings you the Juniors Final.  You’ve been asking us for quite some time and at a measured pace the finals along with other videos will be made available each and everyWednesday.

Juniors, it’s time to step up and contribute however you can.  That doesn’t mean contributing to this website (although that is appreciated as we need writers and graphic artists and those with ideas) but it means getting a high school team started.  If you’re a senior and leaving then go home in the summer and help coach at your old school.  Tell your friends about the game and get a Juniors or High School league started.  Yes, it will be hard but it’s worth the effort, you were.

You can find the Juniors Final on our CUC 2010 Videos Page as well as right here:  Watch Now.

Ultimate Dare Toronto

Nate Martin has sent in some information regarding a Charity Tournament in Toronto towards the end of this month:

One day. One tournament. One goal.

Ultimate Dare Toronto: a one-day ultimate tournament at Cherry Beach to raise money for the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Taking place on Saturday, November 20, 2010 in Toronto, a 1 day hat tournament. Individual fee is $30 and additional fund-raising for the organization is encouraged prizes for top fundraisers)

With you $30 you will receive 3 games of ultimate, field food, prizes and possible frostbite, but a warm feeling that you’re doing something to help the millions struggling with HIV/AIDS in Africa.

To sign up, please send an e-mail to with your name, address, sex, and approximate skill level.

Payment can made by PayPal, or by Interac e-mail transfer.

Additionally, you can create your own ‘Dare To Remember’ page, linking it to the tournament page. Then you can raise extra money to donate to the foundation, which is tax-deductible. Just follow the instructions . There will prizes for those who raise the most!

The tournament is limited to 96 entrants. So sign up now! You can link to our team page at

CUC 2010 Masters Final

While we work on new content about something older but really new that you’ve been asking for quite some time?  As the title indicates the Masters Final from CUC is now available. The game featured GLUM (Ottawa and others…) vs Figjam (Calgary and others…) in a game full of interesting moments, decisions, and collisions (try the 5 minute mark).  The game is presented almost in entirety with minimal editing of the actual game.

Also, please consider Wednesdays our new Video day with either new video of highlighting existing video; it’s Video Wednesday (or VVednesday if you prefer)!

Oh yes, you can find the Masters Final on our CUC 2010 Videos page.

UUCC Finals Day Predictions

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time for some predictions. A look at the balance of powers and then making a decision with no wishy-washiness. After all, this blog should create engage readers in discussion by presenting a point of view.

Yes, I might be wrong but I’ll learn why…pretty much the way I play Ultimate, make a decision, learn, become better. I hope you won’t be afraid to make a choice.

I will be cheering for both teams from the sidelines…most of the time.

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UUCC Days 2 and 3

After a couple of exhausting days always on the move or photographing I figured it was time to take a break and hang out with some fine folks in the USA Ultimate community.

The last two days had some incredible Ultimate and some “ok” Ultimate. Inspired by Johnny and his friends I decided to spend much of my time on Friday following Furious George with a break to watch whatever game came my way.

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UUCC Captain’s Meeting

Amidst a crowd of friends meeting, hugging, and slapping each others’ asses a group of men and women sat at the front of the room awaiting the start of the Captain’s meeting. Those seated in silence were the leadership of an organization that has positioned itself as the face of Ultimate in the USA but I believe it’s poised to be the face of Ultimate worldwide.

What follows below is a recap of the inaugural USA Ultimate Club Championships Captain’s Meeting.

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