Sidelines 2011-04-25

Welcome to a decidedly international Monday edition of Sidelines! Happy Easter to you all, and an extra special, albeit belated, congratulations to Tushar and Rosie, now engaged. Awwww :)

This week:

A better way to spend $80 than textbooks


Straight of of Brisbane, Firestorm!

The ’80s, in all their neon, spandex-y glory

North Korea?

Highlights from our continental neighbours to the south

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NotSuOh At Paganello Documentary getting closer

Brett has put out a call for assistance in the final stage of his documentary.  A few years back he went with a crew to Paganello and started putting together a documentary.  It’s an expensive project and has been mostly self funded.  He’d like to finish the documentary up but needs to pay an editor for the last stage.  It’s an expensive last stage and I’d like to request your assistance in helping us get video on a fantastic tournament attended by a fantastic group of people to the world.

You can read the full request here:

He’s trying to raise 1000 USD in 24 hours and we’re helping out right now as best we can:  by donating and spreading the word.