Ontario Championships Preview

Of the 28 teams that started the journey 12 will head into the weekend for Ontario Championships. From those 12 a yet to be determined number will head to Montreal for the Canadian 4v4 Ultimate Championships (C4UC). This weekend will also have an impact on bid allocation for 2019 sectionals giving teams an additional incentive to perform well.

Read on to find out how things may shake out.

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O4C – South Sectionals

The largest, and last, Ontario sectional will be played this weekend in the most important city in the world/universe: Toronto. Despite their perceived importance the south section will receive the same number of bids as the east section: four. Having by far the worst team to bid ratio the section features many strong teams that will have home turf advantage should they make it to Ontario Championships.

Read on to find out a bit more about each team as well as their chances of making Ontario Championships.

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O4C – East Sectionals

Last year the 4v4 Championships were held in Ottawa with three, of the eight teams Ontario teams, calling the region home. With that significant of a contribution the section received four bids to Ontario Championships (OC) this year. However, it appears that Ontario Ultimate (OU) was generous as six teams, from the east, registered for sectionals. The ratio of four bids for six teams provides the best opportunity to make the championships.

Read on to find out a bit more about each team as well as their chances of making Ontario Championships.

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O4C – West Sectionals – Day 2 Preview

With the first day and the first half of round robin completed some teams are waking up to a new reality. As of right now each and every team is in real contention for a bid to Ontario Championships (O4UC). Read on to find out what’s changed since yesterday morning, who moved up, who’s in trouble, and what to expect on Day 2.

If you would like some context, read the tournament preview here.

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How many bids exactly?

There is controversy brewing between Ultimate Canada and Ontario with regards to C4UC. This past weekend OUC was held with the tournament format arranged to send 8 teams to Nationals. This was based upon the website which at the time indicated 8 bids for Ontario.

Following the tournament the bids were reallocated with Ontario now receiving 7 bids. This has ignited criticism from Ultimate Canada members in Ontario for a few reasons with the primary one being that bids for the regions should have been determined prior to regionals. No doubt Ultimate Canada shall take this into consideration in the future but the damage has been done and it is significant.

Ultimate organizations have typically enjoyed a comfortable lack of scrutiny but that is changing rapidly. Events such as this undermine credibility and bring into question the value that organizations provide. With the growth of local leagues, which brings easier access to competitive Ultimate, the National and Provincial/State Organizations rely upon the goodwill and trust of competitive players who wish to participate in their tournaments. Once trust is lost players shall have second thoughts about whether it is worth for them to participate in the system as it exists.

This controversy, though, may be second to something I find more troubling. While the direct impact is to Ontario there are few, if any, voices from non-Ontario players. The bid re-allocation and process affects all players that participated in the series and while today the axe falls on Ontario tomorrow it could be any other province/region. I hope it’s a one time issue it would be heartening to see others in our community voice their support. When they do it’ll be an important reminder to Ontario that we need to do the same.

I should note, this is not an issue about how many bids a province has but rather knowing the parameters of competition in advance. The players, to whom the sport belongs, deserve that.