WCBU 2011 Games

WCBU 2011 was great fun and quite a bit of work.  The Blockstack.TV crew filmed and we broadcast some games from some interesting conditions.  It was exciting!  Those games have been a long time coming but I now have permission to release the videos and you’ll find them on YouTube in a convenient playlist.  We learned from our experiences and you’ll notice that our latest videos are much better quality (HD).

Click here to view all of the videos.

Special thanks to Patrick (BULA), Matt (BULA), Tom (BSTV), Steve (BSTV), a cameraman who has a name that I have forgotten, Patrick F-M (Dubai, it was awesome to meet you), and Rose (she directed it all from the laptop).

WUGC 2012 – Day 6

What a day!  The upset of the tournament (so far) and conditions that influenced every game.  Round robins wrapped up and quarters started in Open and Mixed divisions.  While I did take some photos most of my day was spent chatting with the SkyD guys.  We walked between several games and had thoroughly interesting conversations.  We livened things up with spectators that got very emotional and in general experienced the fantastic atmosphere that is WUGC 2012.

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WUGC 2012 – Day 3

Dear readers, today’s update is a rather short but also reasonably good (if you ask me). Today I concentrated on two teams: Team Canada Open and Team Canada Women. However, I spent quite a bit of time socializing as that’s probably one of the best parts of going to tournaments. Anyhow, due to my socializing I was only able to catch TCO vs Colombia, TCW vs Australia, and TCO vs Philippines. None of the games left me entirely satisifed with the results but after speaking with players on both teams I’m fairly satisfied now.

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WUGC 2012 – Day 2

Day 2!  Following the showcase games the various divisions get down to figuring out where they really stand.  Today was a day of wandering and I found a couple pretty good spots to sit and watch the games from.  While I made an effort to get to some Team Canada games I was really out looking for friends and shall do so for most of the tournament.  Anyhow, I’ll quickly recap the few games I watched, what bothered me, a few discussions I had, and an upset.

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Sidelines 2011-04-25

Welcome to a decidedly international Monday edition of Sidelines! Happy Easter to you all, and an extra special, albeit belated, congratulations to Tushar and Rosie, now engaged. Awwww :)

This week:

A better way to spend $80 than textbooks


Straight of of Brisbane, Firestorm!

The ’80s, in all their neon, spandex-y glory

North Korea?

Highlights from our continental neighbours to the south

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After a long hiatus of the Sidelines posts we return!  With (hopefully) great success!!!  Please be careful as you could very well waste a few hours at work exploring what we’ve got below.

  • Acapulco
  • Nine Bullets
  • Bullets and Lightning
  • Ultimate Canada Committee Positions
  • Odyssee
  • Master Frisbee
  • EUCF All Stats
  • 2010 Boston Invite Final
  • Stoly Ultimate vs Flying Angels Bern at WUCC 2010
  • 2008 South Regional Finals

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