Paganello 1998 Open Finals

Continuing with our Paganello theme today you’ll find the Mir San Mir vs Wall City match from 1998.  Between 1992 and 1999 German teams won every single Open Finals; on four occasions Mir San Mir were championships while Wall City won once.  Not until No Tsu Oh would Mir San Mir’s record be topped.  Enjoy the Open Finals below and the full Paganello 2008 DVD will be available shortly.

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After a long hiatus of the Sidelines posts we return!  With (hopefully) great success!!!  Please be careful as you could very well waste a few hours at work exploring what we’ve got below.

  • Acapulco
  • Nine Bullets
  • Bullets and Lightning
  • Ultimate Canada Committee Positions
  • Odyssee
  • Master Frisbee
  • EUCF All Stats
  • 2010 Boston Invite Final
  • Stoly Ultimate vs Flying Angels Bern at WUCC 2010
  • 2008 South Regional Finals

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Paganello 2003 Finals

It’s Video Wednesday!  As our editor takes a break from CUC Finals (Open will be here in December) we look to the Beach for some inspiration.  The next major tournament on all Calendars (aside from Australia, you folks are always six months ahead…or behind) is Paganello.  While registration is closed you should know (just between you and me) that if you had an Open or Women’s team you’d probably still be allowed to place a bid and might even be considered (consider it).

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