Paganello 2003 Finals

It’s Video Wednesday!  As our editor takes a break from CUC Finals (Open will be here in December) we look to the Beach for some inspiration.  The next major tournament on all Calendars (aside from Australia, you folks are always six months ahead…or behind) is Paganello.  While registration is closed you should know (just between you and me) that if you had an Open or Women’s team you’d probably still be allowed to place a bid and might even be considered (consider it).

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NoTsuOh@Paganello Documentary Trailer Online

You all know my love of Paganello and it’s one of the primary reasons why I love the game so much.  In 2008 a grand project to document NotSuOh’s final Paganello was undertaken.  The project continues and the first hurdle of raising $1000 has been surpassed.  In recognition of passing the first milestone Brett has posted a trailer on his site:

It’s a great trailer that introduces us to how NotSuOh became friends with the tournament and organizers.  In addition to the guys on the team the trailer has some words from: Jumpi, Luca, Gege, and Bunny.  The guys in yellow are Scadour, the boys from Rimini, who also found 2008 to be their last year (so far).

Thank you to those that have contributed to the project.

NotSuOh At Paganello Documentary getting closer

Brett has put out a call for assistance in the final stage of his documentary.  A few years back he went with a crew to Paganello and started putting together a documentary.  It’s an expensive project and has been mostly self funded.  He’d like to finish the documentary up but needs to pay an editor for the last stage.  It’s an expensive last stage and I’d like to request your assistance in helping us get video on a fantastic tournament attended by a fantastic group of people to the world.

You can read the full request here:

He’s trying to raise 1000 USD in 24 hours and we’re helping out right now as best we can:  by donating and spreading the word.

Sidelines 2010-10-01

On the first of Championships Month we’ve got a larger list to make up for fewer videos…and maybe a bit more writing:

  • WA/BC Club Sectionals 2010 Photos
  • Polish National Championships Mixed Final Results
  • An update on the “Big Throw” in Manhattan
  • Updates on WCBU 2011
  • EUCF Updates
  • VC Sublimation Contest
  • Paganello Updates
  • USA Ultimate (UU) Bid Distribution
  • Where’s The Huddle going?
  • Philly Fusion Trade Show and Skills Clinic video

Phew!  Let’s get started!

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Sidelines 2010-09-24

This week in Sidelines!  Plenty of videos!

  • Point Break SF?
  • Bring Your Disc to Work Day recap
  • A fantastic article on Henry Callahan
  • Kids playing Ultimate rather well (mostly)
  • A Football Club plays a bit of flat ball
  • Stanford Ultimate Club puts on a demo at a Football game
  • Chesapeake Open 2010 Photos
  • FFindr! has a new translation interface
  • A neat info-graphic of a disc

Let’s get started shall we?

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