University of Waterloo vs Wilfred Laurier University – Photos by Jon Hines

On Saturday, November 14, 2010, the University of Waterloo (UW) and  Wilfred Laurier University (WLU) Open Ultimate teams had a post-season exhibition game in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.  This was the first game of this type between the two Universities in Waterloo.  Laurier had defeated UW B team at University Easterns but had yet to play against the UW A team in an organized game.  2010 was the first year for the WLU team, and several of their players played for UW last year at CEUUC and CUUC 2009.  As an alumnus of the UW team and a friend of many of the players on the Laurier team, this game had special meaning for me.  The game symbolized how far ultimate has come in Waterloo and it was really exciting for me to watch and photograph what turned out to be some pretty respectable ultimate.  I bought a new lens in time for the occasion, which added to my personal excitement.  Continue reading

Oktoberfest 2010 – Photos by Chris McCormick and Jon Hines

This was my fourth year playing at Oktoberfest (Mixed Division, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada).  I always enjoy playing in this tournament because the weather is typically awful and that means that the games are pretty challenging for people who throw the disc a lot like myself, plus, it is 10 minutes from my home :).  I was playing on team “Wreck™”, the team in tie-dyed jerseys shown in the pictures below.  One of my teammates, Chris McCormick, got injured on point 2, of our first game of the tournament and was stuck on the sidelines for the rest of the weekend.  Chris took pictures 1-7 with my camera on day 2 of the tournament.  The weather this year was better than usual with generally bright sun and a strong cross wind all day.  Competition was tight, the first place team was seeded 5th going in and had a close game against the eventual 9th place team on day 1.  My team came in 4th with narrow losses to the second and third place teams. Continue reading

Chicago Heaveyweights Championship 2010 Pictures by Jon Hines

I was really excited to be invited to play at CHC 2010 this year with Maverick (Open, from Ontario, Canada).  They were down to only 8 guys from the standard roster so I think they were a little desperate for players but it was still a huge honour to play with them.  The tournament was wet and misty on the first day, which lead to some great conditions for pictures both from a lighting and from a number of layouts per minute (lpm) point of view.  It was a huge tournament with ~80 teams total and good representations in each of the tournament team divisions (Open, Womens, Mixed).   My team did fairly well for a team with a maximum of 12 cleated players, we won 3 and lost 1 on the first day and then lost both games the second day, but not without putting up a fight.

On Referees

At the end of the first day, there was an exhibition game that was special because it was advertised as a “Refereed” game [pics 7-11].  This meant that there were 5 observers on the field (maybe some of them were lines-persons) and that they were following the regulations for the most active level of ultimate observing, ie. active stall counting, travel calls and offside calls.  The game did closely resemble the sport I love to play, but the flow was interrupted but the numerous travel calls and it seemed like every pull had at least one offside call, if not two.  On the other hand, it was interesting to see how much the typical high level ultimate player travels, and how we seem to ignore offside rules almost completely at nearly all levels of the sport. Continue reading

CUC 2010 Day 4 Pictures by Jon Hines

Elite athletes are well and good but fans out number them 10 to 1.  I once had the opportunity to play for fans, and I have to say, I was jealous of the players on the field in the stadium on day 4 of the 2010 Canadian Ultimate Championships.  It took me a while to negotiate a little strip of gravel at the end of one endzone to shoot the athletes from but while I worked at getting field access, I took a look at the crowds and grew an appreciation for their enthusiasm and their joy at the event.  I’ve included a few shots of the non-players in this gallery because I think they deserve some coverage. Continue reading

CUC 2010 Day 3 Pictures by Jon Hines

Day 3 was my first and last morning to have a working shower at Nationals.  It was a nice shower while it lasted if a little small.  Day 3 was the day my computer died so that I was unable to post pictures from the tournament, sigh.

I spent a lot of the day dodging a group of local photographers who were selling pictures at disc central.  I was told that I had to stop taking pictures 5 times throughout the day by either the local pros (in the morning) or the event organizers (in the afternoon).  At first I was fairly upset at first as I’ve never been told that I have to stop taking pictures of ultimate so that someone else can sell pictures similar to the ones that I would have given away for free.  After I moved from the higher interest games (masters semi-finals and juniors final) I got some pictures I was happy with and had time to appreciate that Ultimate has risen to the level that a group of photographers would find a (theoretically) workable business model selling the pictures.  I did manage to get some of the semi finals and finals in between getting kicked off fields, some of which are shown below :).

[from Tushar] Day three photos contain a wide cross-section of teams involved in some tough matches.  Due to multiple photographers some photos (like #3) are available in other galleries on this site.

The following pictures were taken by Jon Hines throughout the third day of CUC 2010 in Sherbrooke, QB.


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CUC 2010 Day 2 Pictures by Jon Hines

I had not planned to go to the Canadian Ultimate Championships this year since I wasn’t on a team and in 2009 when I was a player (Karma, Open) I wasn’t able to shoot the games I wanted to (ex. Finals) due to field restrictions. My plans changed suddenly when Tushar offered to give me IAmUltimate credentials for the tournament. After some scrambling I arranged to drive through the night on Thursday night (the tournament runs Thursday through Sunday) with two of my ultimate buddies in order to get to Sherbrooke, QB by game start time on Friday.

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London Calling 2010 Pictures by Jon Hines

This was my third year at London Calling, which is a Mixed ultimate tournament held annually in London, Ontario, Canada.  This year was a new experience for me because I was playing with a team that has been practicing but had not yet been to a tournament together which is pretty rare this late in the season.  I’ve been taking a break this summer from touring ultimate but eventually I just couldn’t keep away so I started a team in Waterloo with some friends and held open practices.  The roster is set based on practice attendance so anyone can play if they are willing to practice with the team.  The whole enterprise is a little bit of an experiment but it seemed to have fairly good results.  We finished 6th overall and really developed some good flow as a team. Continue reading