2011 Ontario Open Regionals Recap

Hello, my name is Lee Gonzalez and I played on Too Bad until I injured my shoulder Jan 2/11.  Open Regionals was held at Kiwanis Park Waterloo and hosted by WODS on July 9-10 2011.  It was nice seeing friends for the first time in months. From the get go I was thinking about the ranking and how teams would do comparatively. For some teams this tournament would be to fine tune their strategies and stressful for others. Presumtively GOAT would come first because they’re as strong as ever. The next few spots would be a battle for seeding at Nationals between Phoenix, Maverick, Feed the Geese and NADS with little or no worries of making Nationals. The real battle would be between Too Bad, GT, Firebird and ROY for the last spot.

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