Super League?

Interesting and exciting article on a league in Australia that we could consider emulating:

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2 thoughts on “Super League?

  1. My initial question was, “Well, which aspect are you hoping to emulate?” But knowing you, Tushar, I’m guessing you’re keen on the webcast presentation — which is, certainly, the really original component.

    I have been shown time and again to have poor instincts for guessing what people like, but watching local league play once a week does not feel very compelling to me. On the other hand, it might take off among juniors and new fans of the sport.

  2. Local League is just the start. For the most part, its just to iron out our processes & technique.

    Though, something has gotta be better than nothing! What other leagues internationally have every game covered?

    Our main focus is the Australian National Competition & Worlds in Japan. Be sure to tune in to catch all the action!

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