CEUUC 2011 – Ottawa vs Carleton


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  1. I have a huge issue with a few of the comments you made on this video. You and Pete referring to Goat as Choat in the reference to “choking”. People can say whatever they want, but Tushar dont forget that you were teammates with a lot of those guys just over a year ago, on a team that won Nationals, yes it wasnt a worlds qualifying year but you won. The problem I have is that you were so proud to be a part of that team and to play with those guys and now you mock them (and people like me) because it is convenient for you to kick a team while they are down. I usually let a lot slide because I know that what “media” says shouldnt bother players, but this has now gotten to the point of annoying. Watching the live stream on Sunday you also made several comments about the loss. Move on. Its now college season, and US series. Get a new joke. I’ve enjoyed working with you in the past and I like you tushar, but I do not like how you have turned us into a cliche of failure.

    • Hi Mark,
      How’re you doing? I would like to qualify my remarks on the live stream. When I had been making the remarks my pronunciation had been “Joat” rather than “Choat”. At some point after the broadcast it was explained to me that the alternate way people were pronouncing it was Choat and referred to the choke. I’ve discontinued use of the term as in my mind my “Joat” word means: Junior GOAT. Part of the conversation, that has since dissuaded me from using the term, was that I was not pronouncing the term correctly.
      To your other points, do I like you guys and was I proud to play alongside all of those guys? I was and I was honoured to be allowed to do that. Do I wish to do so in the future? Yes, as it’s a great group of guys.
      About the loss at CUC, there will be a post about it (eventually) but it was a loss that has echoed. Firstly, the whole game was quite personal with two groups of friends playing on field. The Toronto team has many more friends and it was tough to watch you lose. Second, Team Canada Open had a similar moment in the quarter finals at WCBU and it’s our own personal moment of disappointment.
      I can understand your frustration and while some would consider it appropriate to self-censor in post my comments made as stand. My references are to a younger group of players who will continue to build a strong team going forward. Part of the issue with the live stream is also an interaction with the Ultimate community in general. There has been continued commentary also on how well you do play and what will happen going forward.
      In closing, I apologize if feelings were hurt, I did not intend to do so. I will discontinue use of my modified term as well as disuade others from using it.

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