Sidelines 2011-07-08

Welcome back to what will probably be the least controversial post in the last two days and for the next few.  Good luck to teams at Regionals this weekend.

This week we have four videos for you:

  • Sockeye vs Furious at Solstice 2011
  • Brodie Smith takes advantage of a defensive error
  • Boston Invite Pool Play between Ironside and Southpaw
  • Boston Invite Semifinal Highlights – GOAT vs PoNY
  • Boston Invite Open Final Highlights

Sockeye vs Furious

He’s a star…he’s a star…he’s a star


I just wish more young punks knew who Alex was and how he consistently kicks their collective asses.



Phil never gives up.  I’ve watched the foul call at 1:45 quite a few times and am interested in hearing your opinion.

Ironside vs Southpaw


Ironside vs GOAT


3 thoughts on “Sidelines 2011-07-08

  1. In the foul call, he did jump late but the defender didn’t jump straight up – he definitely did foul him. However, I would argue that he misread the disc and had no chance of getting it so the disc would either go back or it would be a turnover. The observer should have ruled a turnover.

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