Ontario Women’s Regionals Results

A quick update of the results:

  1. Capitals (5-0 on Saturday)
  2. PPF (4-1 on Saturday)
  3. Dame
  4. Stella
  5. Lotus (yikes!)
  6. Lily
Top four head to CUC.  Lotus not making it is a surprise but that means a number of strong ladies available for pickups ahead of CUC.  Mixed and Women’s teams will probably be looking at the top Lotus talent and I hope they act fast as there are some mighty fine players on Lotus.

2 thoughts on “Ontario Women’s Regionals Results

  1. Dame is from Ottawa. They used to be strong many years ago and re-formed because CUC is in their backyard. They’re all Masters age with the exception of one player and a handful of them are Grand Masters age.

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