CUC 2011 Calling it now – Part DEUX!

Bonjour mes amis and the rest of you lot.  In the last two posts Juniors and Masters were covered and much like finals Sunday we will now concentrate on the three big divisions. To recap the rules: There are a few rules to this game so as to provide maximum enjoyment for the reader:

  1. I must make a prediction in every division for the top four.
  2. I cannot say it’s too close to call.
  3. If, in my mind, there is a tie then I must do my best to antagonize a local team (usually Southern Ontario).
  4. I must select a Dark Horse for each division.


Each year there seem to be more teams vying for the 16 bids to Nationals and this year there will be 29 of them attempting to prove that they can have less fun than the rest.  A cryptic statement?  Perhaps.  I’ve watched quite a bit of Ultimate this year and many teams seem to have forgotten how much fun this game can be.  Toronto teams in particular seem to have adopted an attitude formerly reserved by Ottawa Open teams.  Teams are constantly angry with themselves and with players openly badmouthing their teammates.  Hopefully they turn things around but I suspect not.
The most dominant force in Canadian Mixed Ultimate hails from Quebec in La belle province.  ONYX are the current CUC title holders and managed that feat after finishing second at WUCC in Prague.  They are not a team to be taken lightly especially in light of a title they are amongst favourites for.  However, there is a worthy challenger in their neighbourhood.  Odyssée from Montreal (and supported by AUM) is, in my eyes, the current favourite in a head to head between the two.  Composed of Open, Women’s, and Mixed players they have a powerhouse team that is extremely dangerous in the eyes of many.  In fact, they’re widely considered to be the team to beat at CUC this year.  The other usually strong Quebec team, RIP, has been weakened by an exodus of members to Odyssée and are not a factor in the top four.
I apologize as I don’t know too much about Alberta or the Prairie regions but with only ARG! attending from Alberta to the Prairies they are great unknowns.
What about Ontario then?  Doom and gloom…kind of!  Some of the younger members of Phoenix have formed Trainwreck as the A team out of Ottawa.  Playing with a flair and abandon that makes Ultimate fun to watch they have played well for a team as young.  They do lack a strong lady presence but the chemistry amongst the gents more than makes up for the awkwardness in the mens relationships to the women.  Toronto then?  Union Ultimate formed from a merger of MONSTER, Tundra, and Big Hammers with all three teams contributing significantly (this has resulted in Zen becoming stronger).  While on paper they look goods the reality reminds me of the attitude Snipe had a few years ago.  Snipe was incredibly talented but melted due to team dynamics and strong personalities.  Union may not have team dynamics to start with but they also lack chemistry.  There is a strong older leadership contingent but they are too quiet and it’s obvious that there are some hot heads on the team.  In my opinion they may have a tough time getting into the top four.
So who’s left?  Who can challenge the dominant teams from the east?  From the west there is one shinning light, a light that has held aloft the trophy of CUC and World’s more than once, a team that the locals discounted as a bunch of kids, that team is Team Fisher Price (TFP).  I have it on good authority that the roster contains some big names in VUL as well as some of the classic TFP players of yesteryear.  Will they have the chemistry?  Yes.  Do they have the skill?  Yes.  Will they be strong enough to take on Quebec?  That is the big unknown.  However, as I’ve demonstrated time and again, you don’t have to have skill, strength, or speed to play Ultimate well (you just need to be able to heckle and be incredibly good looking).  Ontario teams such as MuD have weakened considerably with the loss of their top ladies to injury and apathy.  Mayhem has folded as their arch-rivals, MONSTER, called it quits before them.
To look at other challengers you need to look further east:  Spawn.  Finishing a surprising third in Sherbrooke they’re cautiously optimistic this year.  They know the challenges that lie ahead but they’re no longer able to surprise teams out the gate like they did last year.  Strong personalities may also may impede them as well.  I cannot say much more as most information was coerced with the assistance of alcohol.  I would not be surprised to see them top four again.
My call:
  1. Odyssée
  2. TFP
  3. ONYX
  4. Trainwreck
Dark Horse:  There is one serious wildcard in the mix.  Mayhem may have folded but their players still want to play.  PRODiGY has formed with the same core of people but had many of their older and stronger women return.  Their existing young players have gained in skill significantly and the team is now bursting at the seams with players right up to capacity.  I have seen Mayhem go toe to toe with every great team out there only to fold and lose their lead one or two points from victory.  They too have it in them to be the best on any given day and if there is one team that can ruin the party it is PRODiGY.


Hello Ladies, look at the Capitals, now look at yourselves, now back to the Capitals, do you have what it takes to beat them?  Are you Traffic?  Then no.
I truly believe that the Capitals are amongst the top teams in the world; and top doesn’t mean top 10.  They are amongst the top four teams in the world right now.  As of right now it’s SF Bay area, Japan, Capitals, and Seattle.  They are an elite team of superstars that are efficient, well managed, and know they’re the best.  It would be altogether easy to say they’re unbeatable in Canada but they’re not.
Traffic from Vancouver has played some strong games recently.  They finished third at Solstice recently and also lost narrowly to Seattle Riot 15-14.  However, they fell quite hard against Fury (15-5) before recovering against Underground, 14-10.  They are one of the best teams out of the West in North America and they have the capability to beat Capitals.  However, Capitals are more than capable of beating them and more consistently.
In many ways this does become a competition to see who will face Capitals in the finals.  Traffic is the most likely but there are challengers out of the east and they’re quite a group.  Much like in Masters the field has been levelled with each playing at a similar level.  From Montreal Storm (current CUC title holder) has lost a few players to the nouveau Mixed team but remains quite powerful.  From Ottawa Stella has built their program out after losing players to Capitals and now are also able to challenge teams in the region.  Lotus (or imLotus as they are sometimes known) has weakened significantly and team dynamics are taking a serious toll on their ability to focus.  Finally we have PPF who are managing to walk the fine line between conscious and capable drunkenness and waking up in a dumpster in the morning behind a Montreal bagel house with great success.
Each and every team that I’ve listed has the chance on any given day to finish second.  Their chance to finish first relies heavily upon hitting the exact formula against the Capitals.  So far Traffic has come the closest and has the most experience despite the vast distance between the teams.  It’s not hard to call first but it is tough to call the rest:
  1. Capitals
  2. Traffic
  3. Storm
  4. PPF
Dark Horse:  PPF is placed as fourth on the list but they have the ability to take on both the teams above.  They also have the ability to not make Nationals.  Ontario is quite tough this year given how close the teams are.


Finally to the moment you’ve all been waiting for.  The moment when I call GOAT to win CUC 2011, then lead Canada to the World’s title, then win the Solar tournament before winning the Milky Way cup against those damn Betelgeusians and their damn emo music.  Actually, let’s be serious, Betelgeuse’s Ultimate team has the same chance as Firebird making it to Nationals, slim to none.
Everybody fully expects a GOAT and Furious final.  In 2007 I was privileged enough to watch from the sidelines as two titans battles in a light rain for the most prestigious title in Canadian Ultimate.  This year I expect nothing less; a few weeks ago it may have been something more but it is quite evident now that only those two teams have a shot at the finals.  Who stands in their way?
From the West Blackfish poses little threat to the big two but plenty to any that underestimate them.  Some of the older players have moved on but they could return to 2009 form where they had the speed and talent to sit comfortably in the top eight.  Invictus may not return but The Ghosts from Alberta may be their replacements.  Helmed by Tierney Fitzgerald (teammate from Moondoggies who threw the Championship winning pass to Phil Watanabe in Sherbrooke last year) they’ve picked up some strong players and will make quite some noise this time around.
Moving further east we land in Winnipeg and question how General Strike will do.  Strike have lost Mark Lloyd to GOAT and need to fill that presence.  Strike also have too short a roster to play as many big teams as they’ll face this year.  They have quite a bit of talent that can handle the top teams, just not in enough bodies.
Ontario is an interesting bag this year.  This weekend nine teams will play for seven bids to CUC which leaves lots of room for most anybody except that isn’t the case this year.  Phoenix is weaker than usual with talent having moved to Trainwreck.  The Toronto system faced a mutiny and most of the Grand Trunk players from last year decided that if they couldn’t play on GOAT they’d make their own team; Feed the Geese is that team.  Will there be repercussions for the FtG players?  Possibly but that’s a whole another mess.  The result is a weaker GT but not as weak as people think it is.  The ROY players that moved up are talented and are taking the opportunity to show that they learned well and are team players.  ROY itself is almost brand new and is not the team that Firebird knew last year.  Firebird is an interesting conundrum.  They lost to ROY last year at Regionals and had to defeat Too Bad.  Too Bad this year is quite strong and is expected to make it to Nationals with little trouble.  ROY is not expected to make CUC and that leaves GT and Firebird vying for the last spot.  NADS from North Bay are also in the mix but are strong enough to make it though at this time.  Ontario Regionals will be interesting and you’ll get a recap after the date as I’ll be covering it.
Let’s keep going east!  Quebec will produce Mephisto, Demon, and likely Bloody Gary as the top teams in Ottawa.  Bloody Gary can be surprising resilient and their defensive style makes offense a grind if you don’t catch on early enough.  Demon is surprisingly strong and I look forward to seeing the upsets at CUC that they create.  Mephisto has been winning a number of big tournaments this season but they’ve lost many of their top players to top teams in Canada.
Further east we end with Red Circus and the treasonous Newfoundland Liberation Army.  Both teams will battle to get into the top eight and will continue to develop their programs.  NFLA’s biggest obstacle is bad habits of grizzled veterans.  It’s the same attitude the Toronto Mixed team players have; you may be the best in your small pond but that’s meaningless when you get beat by the weak half of a team from Quebec.
Looking back I think I forgot one important team:  Maverick.  Earlier this season I would have called Maverick for an easy top four.  Injuries and apathy have taken their toll as a rather rough season has progressed.  I still believe that if they pull together they can make great things happen but not as strongly as I believed that earlier in the season.  The same could be said for Feed the Geese which showed quite a bit of promise but now reveal themselves to be the GT of last year that managed to convince a few nice guys to join them.
How does one select between GOAT and Furious then?  It’s too close to call.  However, this is a good opportunity to antagonize one group of friends and that is in essence a form of heckling, which is one of the pillars of Ultimate.
My call:
  1. Furious
  2. GOAT
  3. The Ghosts
  4. Mephisto
I do believe Furious has the edge.  They have undergone transition in the last few years with many of the older players stepping away at the right time.  GOAT is just starting to undergo transition which leaves them in a slightly precarious state.  Both teams have added stars to their teams and both teams have an equal chance.  I had to pick one (rules are rules) and I believe that Furious has played tougher opponents in the last year than GOAT.  I think the year round training has better conditioned Furious and the transition phase that GOAT is undergoing will give Furious the edge.
Dark Horse:  General Strike continues to be a force to be reckoned with.  Their top line will force the top teams to play their best and on a Saturday morning that can result in unnecessary energy expenditure.  Strike should not be taken lightly.
So there you have it.  My top four lists are done.  I’ve told five teams that I think they’re winners and everybody else that they have no chance, zilch.  I look forward to nasty emails and egg on my face when all of my predictions are wrong.
Good luck this weekend to all those participating in Regionals.

33 thoughts on “CUC 2011 Calling it now – Part DEUX!

  1. I think you’re making a mistake by ignore Magma and Q in Quebec.

  2. tushar, did you write this?

    i would speak on behalf of my team, lotus, for which I think you have seriously undersold on this write up (naturally since i think we are fucking awesome), but I will avoid that and turn to what you wrote about feed the geese…

    At Jazz last week, an incomplete geese roster beat mephisto (last year’s silver medalists) by 3 points. Also, as for feed the geese “revealing themselves” to be the old gt players and basically labelling them as goat axes, I’m going to call you out on two accounts… First, probably half the team didn’t try out for GOAT, so it’s unfair to make that implication. Calling it a mutiny is a bit dramatic, as it was not a bunch of cut players rebelling, but a bunch of guys who didn’t want two structured practices and a mandatory 5 tournament summer ahead of them. Secondly, does revealing yourselves as last year’s GT mean they can’t have any promise? Because I remember GT beating maverick 50/50 last summer (who you seem to think highly of), and they also managed to beat phoenix. so….. i think we can expect big things from them this summer if the boys can get their shit together. I would definitely consider them dark horse contenders.

    • I absolutely wrote this and it’s good for you to question what I’ve said.

      I’ll answer the first part about Lotus first. Naturally undersold as you’ve always been the dominant Toronto team. You have many good players but a fifth place finish at Jazz is a bit low.

      Geese is a collection of teams within one team. There is deep mistrust and that was evident last season as well. When the players on GT trusted each other they were spectacular to watch. They looked out for each other and functioned as a unit. When they didn’t it was painful to watch. Examine who was there this weekend and why they played as well as they did. We’ll find out this weekend if they’ve managed to figure their chemistry out. My article is entirely a pre-season call out based on what I’ve seen and heard.

      Have Geese beaten Maverick 50/50? Yes, when they trusted each other. Does that trust exist this season? Sometimes.

      I also remember two years ago that perhaps some players should examine opportunities beyond the club system. I’m glad those players (nice guys) are taking the opportunity now; I just feel that they’re doing it with the wrong group of people.

  3. Tush: who’s playing Too Bad? We’ve only seen them once, at No Surf, and they weren’t very strong there.

    • Hi Nate,

      I’m not entirely sure as I’m not playing with them this season. Typically Cleveland is a weak tournament due to a small number of players that don’t make the trip. I believe that Greg Lang and a few of the Peterborough players will be joining for the competitive series. Aside from that it’s the usual crew.

  4. tush, your facts are completely wrong. Mutiny is a terrible word to use, and is far from the truth. Most people on FTG have been within the toronto system for years, and will likely rejoin Roy-GT-Goat at some point.

    • Then why aren’t they there now? Practices have been mentioned as a reason, could they not have joined GT and not attend practices?

      When others who have played outside the system have returned and been rejected what message will be sent when these players rejoin without issue? That it was all a lie? The system doesn’t matter, just who you’re friends with?

  5. no, gt requires full attendance and a heavier commitment to tournaments. In the 3 years i played GT and 2 I helped captain; irregular attendance was not accepted.

    • So over three years you worked hard. You dedicated yourself to it and improved your skills. You moved up to play for GOAT, an elite team, after proving yourself.

      What does it say when a large percentage leave to play on a team that has fewer practices. When not having as many practices or working as hard is actually a reason to play on the team? What happens to all of those players that moved up from ROY to GT when the Geese choose to return to the system? Is their dedication is meaningless? What happens to all the new ROY players? Are they told that they’re cut and there’s nowhere for them to play? Perhaps a fourth team is needed but that team has the stigma of being forced into the system and that those players didn’t want to play in the system.

      When a few players leave and go their own way it’s not a big deal. When a large group all choose to make the same decision to leave a system it’s called a mutiny.

  6. Tushar,

    I would like the stop the debate on FTG on this site as there are significant facts being omitted. I am happy to answer any and all questions you may have about our team either my email or in person, however this forum is inappropriate/unfair to our team considering you or anyone else haven’t reached out to us directly prior to this posting.

    I can’t deny you have the right to write whatever you chose and I don’t really mind to read your opinions however before you discuss the positives/negatives about our team, I’d appreciate if you had concrete facts from a first hand source.

    I will be at sectionals this weekend and more than happy to have a discuss with you the who/what/where/when/why’s about our team. But in the meantime, let’s keep the FTG comments on hold until that chat happens. There are some great teams out there such as GOAT, GT, Maverick that are gunning to reach lofty goals and we should focus on those positive stories rather than subjective comments that turn this article on OPEN ultimate into a negative discussion as soon as FTG is mentioned.


  7. Hey Tushar, you used the word “apathy” a few times in describing some teams seasons thus far; I find that a curious choice of word (how could one play on a competitive team without caring about how they do). I was wondering if you were able to go into some detail regarding that.

    • I’ve used that term for two of the closest top level teams because I know them the best. I have been able to observe them over a longer period of time and am able to make stronger comments about them and so I used the word apathy to describe, amongst other things, a lack of passion.

      MuD has some very strong guys and in the Mixed game the gender ratio and game style tends to favour more throws to men than women. This conditioning takes time to overcome as it’s ingrained through years of playing league at lower levels. MuD has had some excellent women and this past season they had trouble attracting enough top level ladies to move them up the CUC rankings. They should finish top 8 but it will be a battle. MuD also faces the unfortunate luck of two top level Women’s teams within an hours drive.

      Maverick faces a more interesting problem with regards to apathy: familiarity. Most of the Maverick guys have been playing together for at least five years and the core has not change dramatically in size. Bad weather this season combined with injuries and other commitments thinned the ranks to the point that practices were affected. The feedback affect further thinned the practice ranks. In game play there is also a level of comfort with the way they play with each other and general apathy towards changing their styles of play.

      I hope that provides clarity.

  8. Definitely appreciate the writeup. It’s always nice to get a bit of chatter going.

    Just a few thoughts on some of the points raised:

    Union gets a bit of a rough go in the Mixed predictions. Captains are trying to accomplish a difficult task (merging teams with different cultures), and results seem to indicate their efforts aren’t entirely unsuccessful: a top eight finish at Mixed Easterns, a 3rd place finish at Comedy of Errors. It’s tough to justify choosing Trainwreck over Union at this stage in the season, especially after the trouncing delivered in Montreal. Expect big things from Amanda Moore, Laura Main, Warren Tang, and Sean Henderson (among others) come Nats.

    Odyssée is pretty decent, I guess. A 7-0 record at the Boston Invite just recently? Against several UPA Champs level teams? Yep, they are not overrated. Expect them to dominate in Ottawa, and make serious noise in Sarasota in the fall.

    Also, where’s Chaos? Are they still around/playing well?

    I should leave comments on the women’s division to someone who knows it better than I, but since Jordo abstained (sort of) I’ll jump in with some observations. Storm looks strong despite losing talent to Odyssée. Stella got a boost from some Caps in Montreal last weekend, but might be a slightly less confident team at Borders. I’ll give the edge to Lotus over both the ladies from Ottawa and PPF once nationals comes around: of the three the Toronto squad has the greatest room for improvement and development, and the smarts of the captaining unit will ensure that the team is in top form at CUC.

    Mens: Magma is stronger this year than they ever have been. They’ve picked up some Concordia studs and have shed some of their baggage from previous years: I expect them to make some noise at Regionals and then at Nationals. Mephisto has a loss to FTG on their record, but also a 9th place finish at the top tournament on the Eastern seaboard. Expect Shaggy and Shawn to have the ship sailing well by nats. Maverick will likely perform better than your expectations, Tushar: the team is deep and should be able to rebound from injury difficulties. To say they are having a rough middle stretch of the season is unwarranted: an 11/12th finish at the Invite hardly stands as a failure, though I’m sure the team would have preferred a better finish.

    Like most surprising events in a world of imperfect information, the situation in Toronto open looks more exciting and scandalous to those who aren’t intimately familiar with it. I think some clarification on what the purpose, utility, and messaging of a “system” are should be attempted, though. Systems, like the one in Toronto, aren’t primarily designed to reward dedication. As far as I see it their primary purpose is to create the conditions for and then reward excellent play. You mention the problematic message sent if players jump in and out of a system. I think the more problematic message to send is that loyal players, or insiders, will be favored over players who could better contribute to the success of whatever team they are suited for. GT players don’t begrudge guys like Eric and DJ for jumping on and off the GOAT boat when it suits them, because they recognize that playing at the top level is (ideally speaking, and in my experience most often) is based on skill and potential contribution, not time in the system or dedication at lower levels. That’s the way it should be if a system is going to produce the best possible teams. I think it’s true that for most, moving up through the system is the best way to develop skill and increase one’s ability to contribute at a high level, but if players choose another route, or take a break somewhere in the middle, they shouldn’t ipso facto be thought to be damaging the system, considered mutineers, or ineligible for a future re-entry.

    Good luck to everyone this weekend and next!

    • Thanks Tingle,

      I’ll try to include some of your comments in a 2.5 post.

      I would also like to point this sentence from my first post out: “Now, onwards to me calling out my friends!”

      Certainly is tough to place Trainwreck high but they have the advantage of sleeping in their own beds and additional hometown support. Small things like that can cause a two point swing which is probably all that’s needed.

      CHAOS isn’t on the official list unless I missed them. That’s where GS could absorb some.

      Absolutely true on Magma. I was corrected on that shortly after I posted and will write a quick post on them as well.

      You provide good insight and I will respond after the weekend after I chat with all y’all at Regionals.

  9. Just took a gander at this. Sorry, but: Boooooooo (two tumbs to da grund) to the OPEN write up, and not just the FTG points. I know it’s a blog, but as it’s one that carries with it some history and following, a small effort at journalistic integrity is appreciated when it seems you have plenty of people willing to discuss the speculation before hand– especially the points that read like facts. Why watch the party from the window when you were invited in from the beginning? Live by the quill, etc, etc. Otherwise it reads like the author has become too comfortable behind the keyboard, reading too much, and knowing too little. It’s bound to ruffle some feathers, and everyone knows you don’t get down like that. You’re not that guy, and the yard’s already full of them.

    Looking forward to 2.5’s amendments.

    Please excuse us now. My little friends are hungry.

  10. Why is it when a team that has played together for a long time hits a rough patch, it’s dismissed as apathy (or familiarity)? Maverick does have high goals for this season, as Loic mentioned. We’re a stronger, deeper team this year compared to last. It’s true that we’ve had injury problems, and practice attendance problems (none of which you can really fault, if a guy has to work, he has to work). But I guarantee to you that everyone on our team is committed to getting to where we want to be. We’ve had one tournament as a team (just like Geese has) compared to 3 at this time last year. I expect that if you wrote this CUC preview in two weeks, after Regionals and No Borders, your predictions regarding Geese and Maverick would be different.

  11. Nice write up Tushar. I won’t comment on mixed, as that’s not really a sport ;) It was pretty bold of to call it before Regionals. I played against both MEphisto and Feed the Geese at Jazz. I don’t see either team in the top 4 (could happen, but I’d bet against it). I’m calling Goat/Furious final with Strike taking 3rd and Phoenix 4th (mind you I haven’t seen phoenix this year). Other top 8 will be: (in no particular order) Mephisto, Geese, Maverick, Blackfish.

  12. ^Didn’t realize there was actually a team called “The Ghosts”. Never heard of them, but I’m assuming it’s some Invictus-related. I might sub them in for Blackfish to round out my top 8.

  13. darren, props to you on calling a goat/furious final. way to step out of the box there.

    also, tingle, FABULOUS comment about the system and about people hopping on and off of goat (which i am totally ok with and support. the best should play). BUT why isn’t it a crime for those guys to leave “the system” and come back when it suits them? and how about the toronto people who have put in the years as you seem to appreciate and then are cut for out of town players when the big qualifying years come around? It’s very easy to praise the system when you’re standing on the outside of it, and it does work well, however I don’t think that it should be the one and only option for toronto open, and i hardly think that great players should be shunned for looking elsewhere to play.

    also… (sorry loic i know you didn’t want ftg mentioned anymore) but just one thing… if you’re going to find fault in ftg for the way their team is run, do you not then also have to hate on too bad?

  14. so many thoughts.
    I was impressed by Maverick at Boston when on Saturday they showed up for their first time slot knowing that the team they were supposed to play had forfeited the night before at 11 pm (did they get the notice in time?) but instead of sleeping in or resting during their bye were doing intersquad scrimmages and practice. That takes commitment.

    FTG provides a good opportunity for some ppl i will only speak to the motives of some ppl i know on that team. One guy I know just finished law school and is starting at a new law firm, so he is not able to give the commitment that the system needs, so FTG provided a great opportunity for him to play the sport he loves, but not feel like he isnt giving the team the commitment they wanted. Does everyone on the team have the same problem, dont know. I dont think everyone is at that same degree, but I will only write what i know.
    I have a ton of respect for the guys who were on GT last year that stayed on this year. Especially Tingle, who easily could’ve gone and played with his friends on FTG but instead took on a leadership role with GT. I know first hand what a team he is a leader on can do (lost to McGill twice this past season).
    Ghosts will have some sick jerseys if the rumours are true.
    GT looks great this year, they placed well at Boston and have some great young talent who are making the most of the opportunity to play on the team.
    Tushar you write what you want, its your blog, its your opinion and you stand behind what you write, thats admirable.

  15. Frankly, this article isn’t worth the blog it’s written on. I don’t think Tushar is familiar with any of the teams he is ripping. I know them, I know them well, I know them all. And the OP couldn’t be further from the truth.

  16. TFP. Will they have the chemistry? Yes. Do they have the skill? Yes. Will they practice? Only by some conspiracy of chance — most likely if they all show up at the same rec league game.

  17. Wow, some interesting comments. Sounds like you have some terrible sources, and have based most of this subjective insight on gossip and hearsay.
    I can only assume you were looking to generate some buzz and ruffle some feathers based on the completely inaccurate comments you made about nearly every Toronto team and the even ruder comments you made about PPF. Do you have so few readers on your blog that you needed to insult and stir up shit to generate traffic? That’s just sad.
    Maybe if you made it out to any games, you would see that Lotus is a heck of a lot stronger then you gave them credit for, PPF are a bunch of hardworking players and Union has played outstanding and as a unit.
    Find new sources or, take the time to get to know the teams you inappropriately bashed so you don’t look silly!

  18. Filling in the gaps on Prairies mixed:
    – Chaos is no longer active. Their last tournament was WUCC 2010. In terms of player dispersal, a few of the players on the 2009/2010 rosters will be playing Masters, a few Women’s; I’m not aware of any moving over to Strike however. While I’m not 100% familiar with Strike’s lineup this year I believe more of their newer additions are younger players (e.g. former MOFO players) rather than recruits from other touring teams. Most of Chaos’ former roster is currently inactive on the touring front.
    – Swarm (my team from past years) was folded over the winter – decision made on the basis of difficulties with commitment/numbers and a sense we were plateauing at a mediocre level of play. A few of our local players have moved on to Masters (Flood) and Women’s (Fusion).
    – The gap for Winnipeg in Mixed was not filled for CUC this year, leaving the Prairies bid unused. Likely there will be a new team in place for next year.
    – As for Saskatchewan, there are currently no teams registered in any division for CUC, though Saskatoon is entering Women’s and Open (I think) teams in other tourneys this summer. I have not heard anything recently from Regina so not sure what happened to Mangina and Sirens or what direction they’ll be taking in the future.

  19. Dear Tushar,

    Your opinion piece seems to have offended many people. I guess that is the price you pay for being one of few writing on a sport played by only a handful of people. Most of whom appear to have internet access and free time. If you want a bodygaurd at regionals, hit me up for a reduced rate.

    Dear offended players,

    Tushar runs this site on his free time with little to no help. And I assume he does it for the love of ultimate. How many other people write about the Canadian national ultimate scene? More importantly, how many people do it with some attempted wit, passable grammar, and readable prose? Maybe hit the guy up through a private channel and offer to give an email/skype/phone interview instead of deriding his efforts.

    Going forward, I think interviews – or at least comments from – some of the top team captains would flesh out the article. On the other hand, these predictions were obviously meant to generate some controversy. An article after regionals or No Borders with comments from the top teams would be kinda swell. Of course, with all of the divisions that would be a lot of work. Maybe someone who is nitpicking should volunteer to write a post-No Borders preview. Of course, doing so would require at least a basic grasp of capitalization.

    While I personally like sports stories to have a positive spin – IE: so and so will do well because of the following – the obvious trend in real sport is towards the negative. Remember, the Mavs didn’t win the championship, LeBron lost it. With recognition comes being called out from behind the keyboard. Ultimate is serious business to most players I have run into in Ontario (our B-Team for our average mixed team WILL NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE BE A PARTY TEAM). Tushar’s piece is something actual athletes shrug off on a daily basis, yet it has obviously cut rather deeply with some. Newsflash, you can’t have it both ways. If you want to suck the fun out of Ultimate, at least have the decency to do what any professional athlete would: offer a boring trained response or ignore the article completely.

    • Oh, despite being unemployed I really wish I had more time to write more right now. For now, I’ll go with:
      TDB — who are you?

  20. Unrelated PS: If the weather cooperates, Furious vs Goat will be both an epic match up and good for the game. Both teams have young stars – John Norris and Mark Lloyd for instance – and obviously play hard disc. Hopefully someone films it (in HD), with actual play-by-play and commentary.

  21. Yes, tushar thank you very much for this. it is great to have a forum to discuss things and it takes a shit disturber to pull it out of everyone. I have been looking forward to reading the comments every couple hours all day.

    • I have indeed. Already had a look at it but let’s look at how many tournaments the teams have played overall. Also please take note that results have been inconsistent. After Regionals there will be more information. After No Borders we’ll know even more and be able to write up an accurate CUC preview.
      Please see the next blog post as an additional clarification for the above.

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