CUC 2011 Calling it now – Part 1

I apologize for not posting in a few months; the new company ticks along quite well and that’s due to the hard work of many.  Work combined with a lack of an Ontario season, May was almost fully rained out, meant little Ultimate to speak of for this reason.  However, it is now time to return to this site and I shall do so in grand fashion by making predictions on CUC 2011 results…right now.

There are a few rules to this game so as to provide maximum enjoyment for the reader:

  1. I must make a prediction in every division for the top four.
  2. I cannot say it’s too close to call.
  3. If, in my mind, there is a tie then I must do my best to antagonize a local team (usually Southern Ontario).
  4. I must select a Dark Horse for each division.
For those in the dark, CUC 2011 will be held in Ottawa it will decide which team primarily represents Canada at the World Country Championships next year.  The divisions are:  Open, Women’s, Mixed, Masters, and Juniors.  This may also be the last Juniors or second to last Juniors division at a CUC.
Now, onwards to me calling out my friends!


Let’s start with the small fry, they are the least likely to care for more than a few seconds about what I write as they’re busy texting each other about how much life sucks and how the world would be a totally better place if everybody just listened to what their favourite emo band has to say.  I digress.
Vancouver, Toronto, and Winnipeg have been the traditional powerhouses in Juniors Ultimate and this year will be no different.  Vancouver has had a virtual stranglehold since 2005 with only 2008 missing from their streak with a Winnipeg win.  Toronto has also been consistently strong in the big years and I expect this year to be no different.  While SJR from Winnipeg did win the High School Championships this year there were many strong Juniors players that were unable to make the tournament.
I will have to make a city call for CUC 2011 and it is:
  1. Vancouver
  2. Toronto
  3. Winnipeg
  4. Quebec
Dark Horse:  Winnipeg.  The players from SJR were phenomenal in the wind.  I was throwing the disc with some of the Lotus ladies that organized the tournament (fantastic job ladies) and we were having trouble with how much the disc was bouncing.  The strong Ultimate program out of Winnipeg should enhance the team and allow them to knock off Toronto if the opportunity arises.


The next on this list are quite simply a group of gentlemen that I can outrun in case they find what’s written objectionable.  For the last few years the story has revolved around GLUM (Ottawa) and FigJam (Calgary).
It’s hard to remember who else may have challenged for first as GLUM has so thoroughly dominated the Masters division.  GLUM has been in the finals since 2007 and won from 2008 onwards.  In 2009, at Winnipeg, the most any team scored on them in a single game was six (6) points, and that includes the finals.  Sherbrooke would have been as good a tournament had FigJam not figured their game out and launched a late comeback.  GLUM has found almost as much success in USA Ultimate as they have locally.  They entered seeded 3rd in Sarasota and left with hardware in third as well.  Their semi-final loss on Universe prevented them from capping one of the greatest game point comebacks (down 10-14) any of us had every seen.  In the Canadian series only one team has shown themselves to be a serious threat and that group comprise the 2007 CUC Champions:  Tombstone.
Tombstone of Toronto will return this year and they’re looking to reclaim their crown.  They’re looking relaxed and so far things aren’t as clear as a few years ago for them.  In addition to a few years of rust they also lack the experience and chemistry that GLUM exudes.  Certainly they have strong players and GLUM has lost a few but the landscape has flattened considerably.
FigJam should be considered the most improved team and if of any year they had a chance then this would be it.  It’s not just a chance they have but also a program.  They finished second in Sherbrooke and fifth in Florida.  They’ve worked to strengthen their roster and it should be their year to seriously challenge for first.
But, hey…this is Masters where brittle men forget how hard the ground is and that they have horrible children that listen to crappy emo music.
My top 4 picks:
  1. GLUM (Ottawa)
  2. Fig Jam (Calgary)
  3. Tombstone (Toronto)
  4. Nomads (BC)
Dark Horse:  Flood.  Every year I hope against hope that Flood will manage to keep it together for the one game that puts them into top four and every year I’m disappointed.  They could very well knock out either Tombstone or Nomads (who I was told are good and will write about once I learn more) and finally get to the games they know they belong in.

Mixed, Women’s and Open will be posted in part deux so you have reading material till then; merci.

5 thoughts on “CUC 2011 Calling it now – Part 1

  1. Hey Tushar, good read.

    Flood has finished top 4 though, finishing 4th in 2008 and 2010.

  2. Rumours have it there is a strong ex-Furious contingent in the Nomads. Should make for an exciting Masters division, it’s bound to happen every four years :)

    • Yeah, saw Nomads playing at Flowerbowl this year. I think they lost to Invictus in the open final by a handful. I can’t confirm since is broken right now. I would expect them to win based on what I saw.

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