CUC 2011 Calling it now – Part 1.5

Since the Part 1 post yesterday more information has come to light that needs to be addressed.

Flood has indeed made top four but in 2008 and 2010 which are both “off” years.  I know that the crew would love to get into the top four in a World’s year because everybody has a shot at first.  This year more than ever I suspect that’s true given how balanced everything is.

More information has also come available on Nomads (thank you anonymous emailers!).  The composition is said to be different from the team that won in Calgary and should include many ex-Furious players (the reason why the Open team of ex-Furious players folded).  The team is said to be strong (they won Flowerbowl over Invictus), tall, and very cocky.  I’m happy to also include them as the Cocky Horse at the tournament.