Sidelines 2011-05-13

Welcome to tonight’s edition of Sidelines (or possibly today’s, depending on when you’re reading this).

This week:



Highlights, Highlights, Highlights! (From, presumably, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!)

Galleries! Bet you can’t (check out) just one…

Skyd’s 2011 College Rankings (CONTROVERSY, possibly? :O)

Tips and Tricks, because I’m a like out help a brother/sister out :), your place for everything awesome! No seriously, there’s a slideshow on their front page which includes layouts, Ds, lions, grabs, everything. Yes lions. Like, the African feline ones. Bet you didn’t see that coming. It’s just too bad they aren’t being thrown discs. Favourite gallery so far, Club Nationals 2010 (first one, because that’s how far I’ve gotten in looking at his work. Kevin Leclaire, you’re the man.)

Canadian ultimate’s classic Leafs v Habs style rivalry continues this year with Furious George and GOAT again expected to finish 1-2 (matchups permitting) at nationals. GOAT has their roster out, with standouts as John Hassel, Adrian Yearwood and Cam Harris leading the pack, along with vets like Dave Janssen and Jamie Craig. Definitely a team to watch if you’re ever at a tournament with them. When Furious’ roster comes out, I’ll post it as well.

Speaking of Toronto, guess what all the hype is about this weekend? TUF *flexes*!!! Alright, calm down ladies, you know where to find me this weekend. If you’re in the area, definitely worth checking out. Schedules (etc) can be found here. Games to watc, Open: Maverick v GT, uOttawa v ROY. Women’s: Anything between the top 5 seeds. Mixed: Union v MuD, Trainwreck v RIP.

Highlights were promised, highlights will be delivered. Here you go, 2010 College Nationals in a nutshell, men’s and women’s. I especially love the “Don’t play zone against Carleton” segments. (Carleton college, sorry boys.) And you can never go wrong with some good old Stevie Ray Vaughan.



Speaking of college ultimate, are you a student? Alum? Professor? Spouse? Date? Friend’s boyfriend’s second stepcousin, half removed? Do you even need a excuse to see who ranks where in College Ultimate? Skyd magazine put out their last list up for men’s and women’ on Aoril 15th, and they should have a new one coming out shortly (judging by the increments from that page). Canadian men’s teams in the top 20: UBC. Women’s: UBC (13), Ottawa (14). The firsts overall, I’ll leave you to find out.

And finally, because I do love my diagrams, some well lain out ones from the UltimateHandBook. Everything from strategy to training to everything in between. Oh but the diagrams are beautiful. Arrows, dots, colours, I love it. Any sort of play or strategy you want to get to know a bit better, this is your place.

Salud my friends, have a good TUF if you’re going, have a great wherever else you may be going, and remember, you stay classy San Diego.