What is this?  Are we back to normalcy?  As normal as we, Ultimate players, can get.  Regardless, here are your irregularly scheduled sidelines:

In this edition:

  • Fitness Tests
  • Superfly!
  • DoG Machine!
  • Sloooow Mooo Raleigh
  • Mars Attaque 2011

Next week JJ Santos will take over as I’ll be busying myself with…Paganello!

Fitness Tests

Way back in January ONYX (current Canadian Champions and 2nd at WUUC 2010 in Prague) started training.  This is why they don’t have beer guts:


Superfly at Santa Barbara Invite 2011

DoG vs Machine

DoG Machine sounds like a torture device or something that makes delicious delicious hot dogs.  What we have here though is some middle ground with video from a game featuring DoG (Boston) and MACHINE (Chicago) in 2004.


Raleigh Ultimate Frisbee Meetup

People hanging out, regardless of skill level, age, or ability to foul is pretty fun.  Even more fun is when it’s viewed in slow motion with great music.


Mars Attaque 2011

Returning full circle back to Quebec is a report by Marie-Claude Savoie on the Mars Attaque tournament in Quebec.  Run by ONYX the tournament features players from Quebec of various skill levels.  The video includes an interview with Julien Chapdelaine, captain of ONYX, where he speaks of ONYX’s intention to play in Ottawa at CUC 2011 as well as how they prepare.  Other interviewees include Tournament Director Mathieu Bordeleau who played on the Snowbirds who played at USA Ultimate Championships in 2010.

It’s an important video as Marie-Lune Genest, ED of Ultimate Quebec, appears and talks about how they develop the sport and will continue to do so.  Basically a who’s who of Quebec City Ultimate and those responsible for producing the best team in Canada.

You can watch the full video, en Francais, here: